The Supreme Court dealt a major blow to a billionaire California venture capitalist who bought and closed a beach that had been open to the public

Steve Jennings/Getty Images for TechCrunch The Supreme Court refused to hear a case involving a California billionaire who had been ordered to restore public access to a beach he owns in Northern California.  The property, known to locals as Martins Beach, used to be a popular spot for surfing and fishing.  Sun Microsystems cofounder Vinod […]

Why kickboxing is a full-body workout like no other, according to the ex-venture capitalist and COO duo who started a gym dedicated to it

Tom Joy Combat sports are more popular than ever in the fitness world. Boxing is on the radar of most mainstream gym-goers these days, but kickboxing classes are also on the rise. We visited a boutique kickboxing studio in central London to put the workout to the test. Flykick’s founders spoke to Business Insider about […]

Dallas venture capitalist Stephen Hays pleaded guilty to assault and extortion

Stephen Hays is the managing partner of Deep Space Ventures, a $ 20 million venture capital fund based in Dallas. He’s also a convicted felon. What that means is a matter of interpretation in a dispute over the details of an ugly scene near a bar at a ski resort. In November, Hays pleaded guilty […]

Russia: Maybe reusing rockets isn’t a crazy capitalist idea after all

Enlarge / Maybe reusing rockets isn’t a crazy American capitalist idea after all? (credit: SpaceX) As recently as last year, Russian rocket scientists were dubious about the potential of reusable rockets, such as those being developed by SpaceX and Blue Origin. Among the doubters was the Central Research Institute of Machine Building, which develops basic […]