Australian woman wins right to use dead boyfriend’s sperm to have children

A woman in Queensland, Australia, has won the right in court to have children using her dead partner’s sperm. She still has to persuade the medics for the procedure to go ahead. Justice Sue Brown delivered the decision – the first of its kind for Australia – in the Brisbane Supreme Court on Wednesday. Brown […]

Cheating women reveal the REAL reasons why they are unfaithful to husbands and boyfriends

The women told secrets site Whisper why they can’t stop sleeping with men other than their boyfriends and husbands. And the shocking revelations are quite the insight into the female psyche. Some women felt guilty, while others were not at all ashamed of their actions. Others felt they had become addicted to sleeping with people […]

Coronation Street: Lucy Fallon reveals boyfriend’s shocking turmoil at Bethany Platt rape

The teen is currently at the centre of a horrifying sex ring after being groomed by her boyfriend Nathan Curtis.  However, the harrowing plot took an even darker turn this week as Bethany was gang raped by three men as part of Nathan’s sick plan. The scenes were so disturbing that over 25 viewers complained […]