Stranger Things season 4: Finn Wolfhard teases ‘bittersweet’ ending for Mike Wheeler

Finn Wolfhard recently spoke to Variety about the series and his experiences playing fan favourite Hawkins teen, Mike Wheeler. The 17-year-old star is also known for appearances in It and The Goldfinch, but his tenure on Netflix’s blockbuster series remains his most renowned performance. During the interview, Finn compared working on Stranger Things to Harry […]

The Big Bang Theory Series Finale: 10 Non-Spoilery, Bittersweet Nuggets

I attended Tuesday night’s taping of the Big Bang Theory series finale and all I got was a lousy NDA! Well, that’s not entirely true. Although I did lend my signature to an ironclad non-disclosure agreement, the fine print of said contract does permit me to share both behind-the-scenes observations and super-vague, spoiler-free teases. So […]

You Can Now Watch Pixar’s Bittersweet ‘Bao’ Short Online Now

Are you ready to cry? And if you’ve already seen Pixar’s heartwarming story of parental connection, are you ready to cry again? Bao, Pixar‘s acclaimed animated short that made history for being directed by the studio’s first female shorts director, is now available watch online — for one week only. So if you’re craving a good […]

British Columbia’s sockeye salmon run is bizarre, beautiful and bittersweet

Jennifer Ennion October 25, 2018 Share this article Every year, millions of salmon battle their way up British Columbia’s Adams River in a spectacular display of life and death. And as the salmon run, the locals celebrate and the tourists flock. It’s a fight for their lives. Picked off by bears, coyotes, eagles and fishermen, […]

Bittersweet for Foord

Video Bittersweet for Foord3:04 W-League: Caitlin Foord throws her support behind Sydney FC but admits it will be hard not playing February 18th 2018 5 minutes ago /display/ news and galleries/Football/ Football Barcelona continue the streak0:54 February 18th 2018 an hour ago /display/ news and galleries/Football/ Harrison: ‘We never lost faith’0:56 February 18th 2018 5 […]

This Is Us Recap: Trick or Bittersweet

Need to catch up? Check out the previous This Is Us recap here.  This Is Us‘ Halloween episode contains a flashback to when The Big Three were twentysomethings. And that’s apt on this Halloween evening, because in the years between teenhood and settled-adulthood, Kate, Kevin and (to some degree) Randall are a horror show. During various time […]

Ukraine's association deal bittersweet with no real hope for EU integration

Friday marks the day when the association agreement between Ukraine and the European Union officially comes into force. With many regulations already in place, and other changes coming, RT tried to find out whether Kiev can hope for real integration with Europe. Read more The political part of the agreement has been around since September […]

Frank Bruno: Bittersweet moment he escorts daughter down the aisle

ADAM GERRARD/GETTY HAPPY DAY: Frank escorts Rachel into the church Frank has had some very well-documented problems with his mental health, to the extent that a few years back everyone involved could be forgiven for thinking that giving away his daughter would never happen.  But in the event, when he escorted his 30-year old daughter […]