Matt Baylis on last night’s TV: Bordering on ridiculous

Hailing as he does from a country whose president is promising to build a wall to keep out the Mexicans, comedian Reginald has his concerns about borders and for a professional funnyman, he was pretty serious about them in this programme. Perhaps it’s time for that, it’s certainly time to stop laughing when a world […]

Matt Baylis on last night’s TV: Saved by a Rich delivery

Rich Hall’s Working For The American Dream (BBC4) was one of many descriptions of the religious, non-religious life of Uncle Sam, focusing, as the title suggested, on their founding myth. Forget nutshells, you can sum up the American Dream in a word and that word is “bootstraps”. Most people lack bootstraps nowadays but everybody gets […]

The harrowing story of Bowe Bergdahl well done by Sean Langan says MATT BAYLIS

GETTY Both Sean and Bowe were abducted by the Taliban, so Sean made a film about him Unfortunately, many a freed prisoner finds new nightmares awaiting them when they return. Coming Home: Bowe Bergdahl versus the United States (BBC4) was a film that many people could have made. Few could have brought what director Sean […]