Bikes, bowling balls, and the delicate balancing act that is modern recycling

Video by Jennifer Hahn. (video link) Update: It’s New Year’s eve and Ars staffers are enjoying a winter break (inevitably filled with some joy rides and whatever that choose-your-own Black Mirror thing is). As such, we’re resurfacing a few favorites from the site archives appropriate for the occasion—like this tour of a facility that will […]

WATCH: Man shows off balancing skills in a lake – only for THIS to happen

The viral video shows the man, wearing shoes, jeans and a shirt standing proudly on a rock surrounded by water, a few feet away from the shore of a lake. His pose – hands hooked in pockets – and satisfied smile suggest he’s pretty impressed with himself for having reached the rock without getting wet. […]

Together Is About The Challenges Of Balancing Love & Personal Needs

Together places players in a loving relationship with someone they care about, but asks them how they can take care of themselves when that love starts to die, or their partner starts needing so much from them that they have little left for their own well-being. In Together, the interactions seem quite simple. Players can […]

More communication key to balancing weight gain risk against benefits of mental health meds

Antidepressants and other drugs used to treat mental illness can cause weight gain that can lead to cardiovascular and other health problems, but some experts say not all patients on these drugs have been warned of the risks by their doctors and are left to make difficult choices on their own. CBC | Health News

Overwatch Director Says Balancing D.Va Was His ‘Low Point’ Of The Year

Overwatch It’s no secret that Overwatch players are precious about the game’s balance changes. On the internet, fans act as armchair game devs, flooding the Overwatch forums with strongly-worded opinions whenever there’s an unpopular or surprising change. Most recently, the forums overflowed with salt after the popular tank hero received a brutal nerf, making […]