'Trafficking at its worst:' Texas teacher arrested for attempting to sell underage girl to Morocco

A teacher in a Texan junior high school was making arrangements for her young relative to be shipped to Morocco allegedly for prostitution. The would-be pimp was arrested upon returning from Morocco after a tip by family. Amber Michelle Parker, a 37-year-old reading teacher at Mexia Independent School District, was arrested on Wednesday in a […]

Weight of History: 65yo ‘fascist’ suffers leg break attempting to vandalize anti-fascist monument

In a glorious example of swift justice, a 65-year-old man has been hospitalized after a botched attempt to topple a monument of Yugoslav anti-fascist martyr Rade Končar caused the statue to fall on him and break his leg. The shattered limb isn’t the only punishment the man will receive for the act of “savage vandalism,” […]

A group of amputee-athletes are attempting to climb one of South America’s toughest peaks

Silverline Film A group of amputee-athletes are attempting to climb Cotopaxi, one of South America’s toughest peaks. They’re traveling with the Range of Motion Project, a nonprofit that helps amputees climb mountains around the world. The nonprofit is hoping to raise $ 100,000 to provide 100 prosthetic limbs to those need. On Saturday, a group […]

WATCH: Air Canada plane has terrifying near miss after attempting to land on busy runway

Audio at the time of the incident between the Air Canada pilot and air traffic control has since been released. The Air Canada pilot asked: “Tower, just want to confirm, this is AI Canada 759. We see some lights on the runway there. Confirming good to land?” The control tower confirms, stating: “Air Canada 759 […]

Milan Police detain Gambian migrant for attempting to snatch cross from Christmas tree

Published time: 26 Dec, 2017 08:47 A Gambian man has been apprehended by Italian police in downtown Milan while climbing up a Christmas tree in a bid to remove a cross at its apex. Following a psychiatric examination, the man was admitted to a secure hospital.  A 21-year-old man from the Gambia was arrested by […]

Google Maps street view captures thieves attempting to do THIS

From the ridiculous to the naughty, Google Maps cameras have photographed it all. And sometimes, they even capture people doing things they would rather not be seen doing. One image has now gone viral after eagle-eyed Google users spotted something untoward happening. As the Google car drove around the streets of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, it filmed […]

WATCH: Burglars attempting house break in CAUGHT red-handed by homeowner who does THIS

In a clip uploaded to Imgur, the homeowner comes around the corner into his garden, filming a back gate. He remains silent as he films three men standing by the gate. One of the men leans on to the gate, using newspaper wrapped around his hands. It then becomes clear why – he is trying […]

WATCH: Bad driver receives INSTANT karma after attempting to do dangerous trick

Bad drivers are often the bane of any road users life. It is made even worse when they get away with breaking the law or doing something dangerous. One bad driver attempted to do some naughty tricks on the road himself when showing off a fancy car. Luckily, he got caught out very quickly. The […]

Slovenian hooligans violently clash with police after attempting to attack Russian fans (VIDEO)

Published time: 14 Sep, 2017 13:28 Edited time: 14 Sep, 2017 13:45 Fans of Slovenian team FK Maribor were caught up in violent clashes with police after trying to attack visiting supporters of Russian champions Spartak Moscow on Wednesday. In video footage which has appeared online, balaclava-clad thugs can be seen aiming kicks and punches […]