'Heartbreaking:' 145 pilot whales die after washing ashore on remote NZ beach (VIDEO)

Two massive pods totaling up to 145 pilot whales beached and died after washing up on an hard-to-reach sandy beach in New Zealand. Half of the stranded mammals died when the help arrived, the rest were put down. New Zealand’s Department of Conservation (DoC) has released daunting footage showing dozens of pilot whales sprawled helplessly […]

Science in a bottle: 132-year-old experiment washed ashore in Australia

Enlarge / The ship on which this message was placed into its bottle. (credit: Deutsches Schiffahrtsmuseum-Unterweser) A 132-year-old message in a bottle turned up on an Australian beach earlier this year, but it’s not a love note or a treasure map: it’s a science experiment. Tonya Illman was walking the beach with a friend while […]

North Korean ‘ghost ships’ full of dead people are still washing ashore in Japan — and it’s a sign of Kim Jong Un losing his grip

Kyodo via Reuters Boats containing dead bodies from North Korea have continued to show up along Japan’s west coast. North Korea usually tightly controls its borders to prevent defections. This suggests that Kim Jong Un is losing his grip over his country’s border security and his citizens’ economic ventures, experts told BI. The seemingly endless […]

Another North Korean ghost ship, with seven bodies on board, has washed ashore

Kyodo via Reuters Another “ghost ship”, suspected to be from North Korea, has washed ashore in Japan. The boat contained the remains of seven men, and a North Korean propaganda pin. 2017 saw the most ghost ships to arrive in Japan since data collection began. A boat that washed ashore in Japan this month appears […]

Japan seeks additional $6.4mn to deploy Aegis Ashore anti-missile systems

Published time: 11 Dec, 2017 02:17 Japan’s defense ministry has requested additional funding to scout potential deployment sites for American-made Aegis Ashore launchers against the backdrop of the growing North Korean missile and nuclear threat. The ministry has requested an additional 730 million yen ($ 6.4 million) from the next fiscal year’s budget to scout […]

Japan aiming to boost missile defense with US Aegis Ashore system – media

Japan wants to bolster its missile defense with the US Aegis Ashore system in light of North Korean threats, local media reported. Tokyo also plans to increase its number of Aegis-equipped destroyers. The Japanese Defense Ministry will include costs related to the Aegis Ashore system when drafting a budgetary request for the 2018 fiscal year, […]

Beached Whale Situation Gets Worse With Hundreds More Stranded Ashore

Photo: AP Early on Saturday, dozens of volunteers worked to refloat about 100 of the 40o whales that mysteriously beached themselves in New Zealand. But their rescue effort quickly escalated when 240 more were stranded. It’s all the more frustrating that no one is certain why this is happening. Hundreds of Whales Are Dead Following […]