‘Embargo on predatory pricing’: India fights back against e-commerce giants with new antitrust rules

India is standing up to transnational e-commerce behemoths like Amazon and Flipkart Group with new rules barring companies from selling products from companies they partially own. E-commerce companies will no longer be able to sell products from companies in which they have an equity interest, nor will they be able to form exclusive agreements with […]

Facebook looks like it’s preparing for war with Trump after hiring a top Department of Justice antitrust lawyer

Getty/Business Insider Facebook looks like it is preparing for war with Donald Trump. The firm has hired Kate Patchen, the chief of the Department of Justice’s antitrust division in San Francisco. It follows Trump saying that his administration is “looking at” antitrust proceedings against Google, Amazon, and Facebook. Facebook is also hiring a lead counsel […]

Economists think antitrust policy should pay more attention to workers

OF LATE, POWERFUL corporations have been pairing up with impressive ardour. Perhaps it is something in the air. Or perhaps it is friendly regulators. On October 22nd America’s antitrust authorities gave their blessing to this year’s latest mega-merger: the union of Praxair and Linde, two industrial-gas giants worth a combined $ 90bn. Despite signs that […]

Trump says Google, Amazon, and Facebook may be ‘very antitrust,’ but stops short of calling for a breakup of the firms

Drew Angerer/Getty Images US president Donald Trump said in an interview with Bloomberg that Google, Amazon, and Facebook could be a “very antitrust situation.” It follows Trump’s repeated attacks on Google in recent days over what he perceives as liberal bias in the company’s search engine. He stopped short, however, of saying the tech companies […]

Google hit with record $5 billion EU fine in Android antitrust case

European Union regulators today slapped Google with a massive $ 5 billion penalty for abusing the dominant position of its Android mobile operating system. Antitrust regulators ruled that Google had inappropriately used Android to force handset makers to include the search giant’s own apps, giving it an unfair advantage over competitors that w…Read More

Antitrust: Majority of Americans don’t trust Facebook to protect their data – poll

More than 50 percent of Americans don’t trust Facebook to adhere to the country’s privacy laws, according to a new poll. The company has been besieged by privacy complaints following recent revelations that the data of 50 million Facebook users was leaked to Cambridge Analytica, a political consulting firm accused of using the data to […]

The FTC is investigating Broadcom about potential antitrust tactics with customers

Thomson Reuters Broadcom is under investigation by the Federal Trade Commission, according to a story published Wednesday by the Wall Street Journal. Semiconductor company Broadcom is under investigation regarding whether it engaged in anticompetitive tactics during customer negotiations. The Federal Trade Commission  is investigating whether chipmaker Broadcom engaged in anticompetitive tactics in negotiations with customers, […]