A lakeside restaurant in the San Francisco Bay Area is losing customers because of the smell of dead fish being killed by a huge bloom of algae

This is not Lake Merritt. VisionsbyAtlee/Getty Images A restaurant in Oakland, California is losing business because of the stench of dead fish caused by a huge algae bloom. The restaurant's staff recently scooped out 150 pounds of dead fish. Business is down 60%, according to the restaurant's operations manager. One hundred and fifty pounds of […]

Blue green algae dogs warning: What does blue green algae look like, is it dangerous?

Suffolk based Aqua Park at Alton Water has recently closed as blue-green algae has been detected in the water. The park was forced to close not long after opening on July 7 after algae was detected as hot summer weather encouraged blooms to form within the water, which can be toxic to both humans and […]

Engineered algae puts half of its carbon into fats for biofuels

Enlarge / This raceway pond is used for continuous growth of biofuel-producing microbes. (credit: RFE Renewable Fuel & Energy/Sandia National Lab) There’s an inherent tension in convincing organisms to produce fuel for us. To grow and thrive, the organism has to direct its energy into a variety of chemicals—proteins, fats, DNA, and more. But for […]

Toxic algae on the rise as our oceans warm

Enlarge (credit: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) Global ocean temperatures have been rising, but the consequences of these increases are not fully clear. A recent paper published in PNAS clarifies one of them by showing that harmful algal blooms have already become more intense. Some types of algae naturally produce toxins. When these algae grow rapidly, they create […]

A massive algae bloom the size of Mexico has turned the entire Arabian Sea emerald green

AP / Sam McNeil BANDAR AL-ROWDAH, Oman (AP) — The Gulf of Oman turns green twice a year, when an algae bloom the size of Mexico spreads across the Arabian Sea all the way to India. Scientists who study the algae say the microscopic organisms are thriving in new conditions brought about by climate change, […]