Italian cryptocurrency exchange BitGrail loses $170 million

One of the biggest problems with cryptocurrency exchanges is that they’re a juicy, enticing target for high-tech criminals. Case in point, Italian exchange BitGrail, which lost $ 170 million worth of Nano tokens, a little-known digital coin previously called RaiBlocks. BitGrail is the second exchange that lost of massive amount of money this year — […]

Digi-Capital: Game software/hardware could hit $170 billion in 2018, $230 billion by 2022

GUEST: Video game software and hardware together could be a $ 165-$ 170 billion range in 2018 (if mobile outperforms again), and it could reach between $ 230 and $ 235 billion by 2022 if strong performance continues. That might make games software/hardware bigger in five years than 150 countries’ individual GDPs today (somewhere between […]

A company that wants to use ultrasounds to deliver drugs just raised money from MIT’s new $170 million venture fund

Suono Bio, a company founded by 30-year-old Carl Schoellhammer, just raised its seed funding round in part from MIT’s new venture fund.  Suono is one of the first investments the $ 170 million fund called “The Engine” has made, along with six other startups working on “tough tech.” The startup’s working to deliver drugs using […]

Investors rescue embattled SoundCloud with $170 million lifeline

Enlarge / Alexander Ljung, co-founder of SoundCloud, will step aside as CEO. (credit: TechCrunch) The struggling audio-hosting startup SoundCloud has secured a financial lifeline, with two investors putting up almost $ 170 million to help the company stay afloat, according to Billboard. As part of the deal, SoundCloud will get a new CEO, the company announced […]

Interpol fears ISIS trained 170+ bomb attackers for Europe – media

Published time: 22 Jul, 2017 13:29 A list of dozens of suspected ISIS militants trained to deal with explosives and potentially aiming at terrorist attacks in Europe has been shared with EU intelligence by The International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol), the Guardian reports. Interpol issued a list of 173 terrorists linked to Islamic State (IS, […]

‘Beauty and the Beast’ earns $170 million to have the 7th highest opening weekend ever

Disney Disney has proven once more that audiences have a thirst for live-action remakes of its animated classics. Following the live-action version of “The Jungle Book” earning close to $ 1 billion worldwide last year, the studio looks to have another cash cow in the making with “Beauty and the Beast” breaking the record for the […]

‘Logan’ Projected To Make $170 Million Worldwide This Weekend

20th Century Fox film chairman Stacey Snider recently said a couple of execs at the studio were at once cautious about the direction Logan was heading in. Some of them were asking: Is James Mangold‘s R-rated comic book movie too dark? Will a more contemplative look at the Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) bore audiences to tears? Those nervous nellies […]