SEO & Types of SEO – A Detailed Study

SEO means Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing the quality and ranking of a website so that it ranks higher on Google SERP’s in terms of traffic and performance. SEO is a free service for improving the performance and overall quality and quantity of a website or a particular webpage from the search engine results page. SEO Company in Jaipur has excellent knowledge about SEO techniques and knows how to use it for the best ranking.

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Your website appears on the search engine results page is examined by various factors like keywords, title tags, and content on the website, page speed, and accessibility of the site. Using white hat techniques is beneficial in the long-run for a website. Best SEO Company in Jaipur only uses genuine SEO techniques or authorized ways to optimize websites

Know About Types of SEO 

On-Page SEO – It helps your business or website to earn free traffic on Google SERP’s through different variations and changes on your website. On-Page SEO helps you achieve better rankings on Google SERP for multiple keywords. For ranking higher on the Google pages, publishing rich content related to your website which has in-depth relevant information so it adds value to the content already present on the internet can help you reach the top 10 Google rankings.

Techniques for On-Page SEO – 

  • Creating high-quality content with in-depth information about the topic that is already on the internet can help you rank high as Google prefers high-quality contents and ranks them higher
  • Title Tag that is the head section of every website that appears on the SERP is the title tag. Title tag if not relevant can also trigger negative results for a website.
  • Meta Description is the small information provided just below the title tag which provides little information about the content relevant to your keyword search. This Meta description should be relevant and true to its nature.
  • Image Optimization can help your website to look more appealing and interesting but can also slow down your website speed. Proper optimization of images can help you retain views and visitors.


Off-Page SEO- Off-Page SEO is creating content and links outside of a website to increase reach and making relevant, popular, and reliable. The best SEO Company in Jaipur creates quality content, blogs, and articles to earn more reach and traffic indirectly. These are the various off-page techniques – 

Interlinking can do wonders for a website. It indicates the importance of the content and keywords that are related to other pages of the website.

Forums helps to increase your website traffic and reach. Visiting forums that are related to your business and commenting and starting discussions related to your business can help you reach more people.

There are several other off-page SEO techniques that helps to boost website ranking – Blog commenting, SBM, Image sharing, Forum, Local listing, Infographics, Classisfied etc.

3. Technical Issue – This is also an important part of the best SEO process as it improves the website structure. It requires some technical knowledge. The best part of technical SEO is it also helps in better user experience.

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