QuickBooks Merchant Services – Understanding What It Provides

QuickBooks Merchant Services is one of many choices you can consider when finding a merchant services provider. The service is available through Intuit, the company that runs the QuickBooks system. You can consider this option when comparing online merchant services, but there are some issues to note.

Handling POS Options

QuickBooks provides a desktop-based system that doesn’t support mobile payments like what Host Merchant Services can manage. You would have to utilize the separate GoPayment app for mobile POS solutions. QuickBooks also generally requires people to use specific POS hardware systems, whereas HMS provides a flexible approach that works with any POS infrastructure a business holds.

Complicated Charges

QuickBooks offers pay-as-you-go and monthly plans, but it costs more to handle transactions through the on-demand option. You’d have to review how well you collect funds when deciding if a monthly plan is right for you. The system doesn’t provide a defined approach to charges like what HMS offers.

How Are Deposits Managed?

It takes about two to three business days for QuickBooks to process deposits. The time frame seems a little longer than what most other services provide.

What About Customization?

It is tough to customize invoices with QuickBooks unless you already use the QuickBooks system for other transactions and activities. The customization features aren’t too plentiful, as they focus mainly on names, services, and payment options. Further customization would be ideal for credit card processing.

Do You Use QuickBooks For Accounting?

The most essential point to note about QuickBooks Merchant Services is that the system is more effective if you use QuickBooks for accounting purposes. The merchant services provider can do more for accounts that use QuickBooks for accounting needs, what with the two systems being well-integrated.

In general, QuickBooks Merchant Services has some positives, but it is also flawed when compared with Host Merchant Services. Don’t assume you need to use this solution for your credit card processing needs if you already use QuickBooks for your accounting needs.

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