Netflix is planning a sci-fi universe based on the novel ‘Recursion’

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Netflix is making the most out of its deals with TV legend Shonda Rhimes and Planet of the Apes/Cloverfield director Matt Reeves by putting them together for one ambitious project. The creators will work on a feature film and a TV universe based on Blake Crouch’s upcoming sci-fi thriller novel Recursion. It’s unclear what the streaming platform means by “TV universe” — it could be a full-blown series, but it could also just be a limited series that expands on the feature film. According to Netflix Recursion is about a “save-the-world sci-fi thriller, an epic romance, and an intricate police procedural,” which makes it sound like a cross between Cloverfield and How to Get Away with Murder.

According to a summary of the book, which is scheduled to be released in June 2019, the story revolves around a memory-altering disease and a neuroscientist’s creation, which can preserve people’s most intense memories and allows them to relive and reinvent it. “For some, [the device] offers the chance to rewrite their entire lives,” Netflix wrote. “In the wrong hands, it will upend the world as we know it.”

Back in July, Netflix announced that it’s working on eight exclusive shows with Rhimes, including an adaptation of the 2010 Pulitzer prize-winning book The Warmth of Other Suns and another based on Reddit CEO Ellen Pao’s memoir. Recursion wasn’t one of the eight, though, so it’s safe to say that Netflix will work with Rhimes with more projects in the future.

Source: Netflix

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