Hand luggage: Always pack this one item in your baggage to beat Ryanair’s strict rules

Flights with stringent hand luggage rules can be highly frustrating for holidaymakers – and Ryanair in particular has made its rules even more restrictive. Strict regulations mean careful planning is required when packing cabin bags. The key is to pack as lightly as possible and to take items that will prove highly versatile. Travel expert Adam Ewart, CEO of luggage delivery business Send My Bag, has revealed one key piece of luggage you should pack.

It’s important the clothing you’re taking on holiday is both versatile and low maintenance. This is crucial if packing light.

One very useful item – especially if you’re going to a warm destination – is a sarong.

“A sarong is great for a hot day but can also be used as a changing room at the beach,” Adam told Express.co.uk.

Further uses include: “A tablecloth for a picnic, a scarf if you’re chilly, a makeshift satchel for your souvenirs, a pillow when you’re weary, a head scarf to protect you from the sun… the list goes on. Be inventive and pack multiple-use items.”

The fabric of your clothing could make all the difference when packing for a budget airline flight.

“Consider the fabric of the clothing you’re taking and factor in its quality, thickness, weight, and texture,” Adam said.

“Try and whittle your selection down where possible to clothing that is durable, light, and isn’t bulky.

“Synthetic materials are often better than cotton because they’re lighter, smaller and they dry faster.”

In a further bid to be versatile, make sure you take clothes that go with each other.

“Think carefully about the different colours of clothing you’re taking with you,” Adam advised.

“Choose options which are compatible with a number of other colours, reducing the number of clothes you will need to bring along and increasing the variety of outfits you can make. The extra 10 minutes of outfit planning is always worth it.”

The way you physically pack the items you’re taking in your bag will also make all the difference.

“Rolling your clothes (not folding!) is a great way to maximise the space in your bag,” said Adam.

“Use the same principle with your socks and underwear and then tuck them inside your shoes. These techniques will save you space in the rest of your bag.”

A very useful packing technique has been revealed by Bag company Trakkle. The method is called the ‘overnight burrito’ as it sees the traveller tightly packing enough stuff needed for one night in a nifty burrito style. 

In the video, the demonstrator successfully packs a T-shirt, underwear, a pair of socks, a charger and a toothbrush.

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