Bad lieutenant: FSB officer gets 24 years for murdering seven people as part of dirty cop gang

FSB officers will spend 24 years in a high-security prison for being a member of a gang of rogue law enforcers, which for years terrorized businessmen and guest workers in Russia’s Tyumen, killing at least ten.

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Four officers from the FSB (Federal Security Service) and the police put together a gang to lure cash from shady local businessmen, involved in money laundering, instead of arresting them.

The men, who were assigned to protect the law, resorted to the most violent and heinous crimes in pursuit of their goal. The so-called “Killer gang from the FSB,” which was active in the Siberian city between 2008 and 2016, has the blood of at least ten people on their hands.

The scheme they used was cunning and merciless. The dirty law enforcers sent businessmen anonymous threats and then offered their protection services. In order to show off the results of their work to the clients, they abducted and murdered guest workers from Central Asia, whom they dressed in fancy suits to look like serious menacing people.

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The gang also didn’t shy away from a violent robbery. Shortly before New Year holidays in 2008, they broke into the home of one uncooperative entrepreneur to snatch his cash, gold, and expensive watches. The property owner was put in a car, taken to the woods and shot dead there.

In 2015 they murdered two taxi drivers – just because they needed vehicles to be used in their future crimes.

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The rogue officers were arrested early last year after being betrayed by one of their own members, who apparently experienced a pang of guilt. After the killing of another migrant, FSB lieutenant, Aleksey Korotkov, anonymously tipped his colleagues, the honest ones, on the location of the body.

The uncovering of the gang’s activities caused a major uproar and saw several high-profile firings in the Tumen law enforcement, which included the head of the local FSB branch.

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Korotkov became the first gang member to be sentenced in the shocking case. On Wednesday, a military court in Yekaterinburg handed him 24 years in a maximum security prison and a fine of 500,000 rubles ($ 7,500). The man was also deprived of his lieutenant rank.

The former officer was found guilty of seven murders as well as theft, robbery, carjacking, fraud, and hooliganism. He initially faced life in prison but received a milder sentence due to full repentance and cooperation with the investigators.

In his final word at the court, Korotkov asked the relatives and friends of his victims to forgive him, saying: “I fully acknowledge my actions and the consequences I’ll face.”

His other accomplice, Aleksandr Kobylin, who was a martial arts trainer for the FBS officers, is currently awaiting his trial.

The gang’s leader, FSB sniper, Sergey Gilev, committed suicide in a pre-dentation facility by cutting his own throat. Former policeman, Sergey Zazuliya, remains the only dirty cop still at large.

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