The 5 Love Languages You Need to Practice in Your Relationship

You express your affection and love to your significant other regularly. However, do you take time to ensure that you are communicating how your spouse wants to receive it? This is an essential question because love can get lost in translation when two partners are speaking different love languages. Even when you’re just getting started […]

Polyamory Vs. Polygamy – What’s The Difference?

Polyamory and Polygamy – Why it Matters Today Source: Are you the type who enjoys loud musings and fantasies of surreal things affecting our everyday life? Do you find your mind slipping away into a utopic future or an adventurous past? Take a moment and conceptualize what our world will be like a decade […]

How to organize a Perfect Romantic Trip during a Pandemic?

Since the introduction of COVID-19 there have been quite a few changes in our lives and in our cultural traditions. In order to curb the spread of the virus in most countries mass gatherings have been banned. This greatly affects weddings and even honeymoons. What’s left is weddings held on virtual platforms and the postponement […]

Couple Kissing on Beach

How To Start New Life After Divorce: Dating, Sex, And Relationships

The thought of life after divorce can be the worst. You probably wouldn’t imagine dating, getting intimate, and even finding love again after divorce. But it’s possible to start again and rebuild an incredible life far much more than you ever expected as long as you take time and allow yourself to heal completely. There […]