Younger Recap: What Did Liza’s Latest Trip Reveal About Her True Feelings?

Having already proven herself equipped to handle Molly and lolli-pots, Liza kicked things up a notch on Wednesday’s Younger by ingesting “not LSD” at a microdosing retreat. You know, for work.

So, what did we learn from Liza’s latest trip? For starters — as if there was any doubt — she’s not even remotely over Josh. Not only did she imagine hooking up with him on their first night at the retreat, but she also told this to one of the friendly nurses: “Josh is so beautiful! Every time I look at him, I have flashes of our sex. Oh, Maureen, our sex!” Liza clarified that sex is also “really hot with Charles,” though not with the same enthusiasm.

Naturally, Liza’s indecision — coupled with that sweet, sweet “not LSD” coursing through her system — resulted in a trippy little tango, with both suitors joining her on the dance floor. As a forever-recovering Bunheads fan, I’m always down to watch Sutton Foster doing what she does best, and as a thriving Younger fan, I’m always down to watch her roll around on the floor and take selfies with a houseplant. So this was a win-win for me.

The retreat also turned out to be a win for Charles, who realized that the competition between Millennial and Mercury was hurting his “family” (aka his former co-workers). By selling Mercury to Millennial for $ 1 and agreeing to work under Kelsey as an editor, Charles nobly put an end to the Great Publishing Wars of 2019. (In other news, has anyone seen Quinn lately?)

Elsewhere this week…

* By simply reciting a passage from the book aloud in her iconic smoky tone, Diana accidentally auditioned to read the audiobook for The Seasoned Slut. And while she wasn’t initially crazy about the idea, Diana eventually grew to care for her new position. (“I thought maybe I could hit ‘nipple’ a little harder.”)

* Speaking of audiobooks, Audrey Colbert made an unsettling return this week to record her own memoir. After seeing firsthand how easily she feigned emotion in the studio, Zane conceded that she’s “hot but scary,” while Kelsey straight-up admitted that she thinks Audrey is guilty. Unfortunately, they forgot to take their hand off the speaker button, so she heard everything they said. (Kelsey and Zane may not be sleeping together at the moment, but I sure hope they’re both sleeping with one eye open.)

* After being overlooked at her favorite bar, Maggie feared she’d lost her mojo. But when a ceiling painting accident left her suspended upside down, attracting the attention of a peeping perv across the street, she realized she’s still got it going on. For something so brief, this subplot was… a lot.

Your thoughts on Liza doing the actual Tango: Maureen this week? Drop a comment with your take on the episode’s many developments below.

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