What Do You Need to Know About Buying A Home With A Sump Pump?

If you are looking to buy a Nanaimo home and you find a sump pump within the property, the odds are high chances that the house gets water. But, basements floods are on the rise in Canada, and it’s down to a combination of factors like increased rainfall. The average cost of repairing a basement flood in Canada will set you back a cool $43,000, according to 2018 data from the Insurance Bureau of Canada. A sump pump is placed as a precaution to reduce potential damage to your basement; hence it may save you money on repair costs.

What is the purpose of having a sump pump?

A sump pump is a machine usually installed in the basement of a house to pump out water in case of flooding from the basement to another spot outside your home. Sump pumps are especially for residents of areas that experience frequent floods, high levels of ground water or heavy rains and can be installed under your basement floor or above a sump basin.

Before buying a house, check what kind of sump pump is installed and what amount of rainfall the area usually receives before making your final choice. Here are some more benefits of a sump pump:

  • Prevents termite or insect infestation.
  • Reduces the humidity levels in a house.
  • It helps to protect your home against mildew and mold.
  • Protects your house from sewage backups.
  • It can help in minimizing heating costs with the continuous drainage system.
  • Increase the value of a home.

Check for potential water damage.

It is estimated that water generates damage that costs the country $1.7 billion annually, mainly from floods and leaks. If you find a sump pump in a house you intend to buy, ensure that you check for potential water damage that could have occurred before the sump pump was installed. Water damage is the main reason people install sump pumps in their homes. But in instances of extreme flooding, a sump pump may not be able to prevent all the water from flooding the basement, so it’s crucial to take proper precautions once you move in.

Check for structural damage.

Heavy rainfall and floods can generate large amounts of water that can severely damage a house. Cracks, bulging on the floor or walls, damp subfloor, or soil pulling away from house walls are common signs of a home with structural damage. Ensure you check for any of those signs or any damage, even if a sump pump is installed. Alternatively, you can hire professional inspectors who are experts in structural damage if you want a professional report on the same.

Check the functionality of the pump.

Before assuming that you are protected from excessive water, you must confirm if the sump pump is still working optimally. Otherwise, it could cause leaks or severe water damage, which is costly to repair. Test the pump before you decide to sign your buyer’s agreement because you could find that some parts are not working correctly and could need some repairing or replacement.

Invest in battery packs

If you have moved into a house that has a sump pump installed and confirmed that it’s working correctly, then you need to invest in some battery backups. During a heavy rainstorm, lightning and severe winds can knock out your power lines which shut down the sump pump when it’s needed the most. By purchasing some backup batteries, you are prepared to keep the sump pump running if there is a power blackout to prevent any flooding.

As the rate of basement flooding is expected to rise primarily due to climate change, it’s not a bad idea to buy a house that has a sump pump. Finding one installed and functional will save you the extra costs of flood-proofing your house or the cost of damages dealt with by excessive water. However, you still need to check if the home is in good condition regardless of the sump pump.

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