Westworld original movie: Look at Playboy star Anne Randall now

Westworld is about to return to HBO with all its violent delights.

The original 1973 film starring Yul Brynner and James Brolin also had plenty of delights and was even more groundbreaking in its day.

Today’s version is lauded for its powerful female characters, lead by the amazing Dolores Abernathy, but back then the actresses were almost as trapped as the robots they played.

Anne Randall played serving girl Daphne among a string of similarly primarily decorative appearances that also included the Monkeez, Playboy and the Coppertone girl.

Evan Rachel Wood and Thandie Newton lead the impressive female cast of teh modern Westworld, but back in the 1960s and 1970s options were more limited for aspiring young female stars like Anne Randall.

The blonde bombshell made her first on screen splash in 1967 as hareem girl ‘Maiden No2’ on the Monkeez TV show.

In 1968 she was the bronzed beach babe beguiling all the surfers in the Coppertone advert. Minor TV roles followed all the way into the late 1970s.

She probably still remains best known, though, as a classic Playboy bunny from the golden era.

Randall was Miss May in 1967.

Pretty in peach and bright lemon outfits, she was the image of wholesome, All-American beauty. To this day, her pictures remain classy and luminous.

The same year she married famous bandleader and TV host Dick Stewart, who was 18 years her senior.

Stewart was the first host of the televised beauty talent show The Dream Girl.

Over 50 years later, their marriage endures.

After her last few appearances in TV detective shows like the Rockford Files in 1976 and Robert Wagner’s Switch in 1977, Randall retired from the public eye.

Stewart similarly made his last major appearance on US TV in 19


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