Victoria season 3 spoilers: Jenna Coleman ‘horrified’ by Laurence Fox’s filming antics

Victoria is back and returns to ITV with the third series of the period drama tonight. 

Ahead of the first episode airing, new cast member Laurence Fox, who plays Lord Palmerston on the period drama, has spoken to and other media about sharing scenes with lead actress Jenna Coleman (Victoria). 

Discussing his character’s funny one-liners and being a disruptor to the monarchy, Laurence began explaining how much of a good time he was having. 

“It’s so much fun to do and be rude. I remember being rude to Jenna on the first day, the first scene and she just didn’t move her face. 

“I was like ‘wow that’s some seriously slow acting you’re doing,’” he joked. 

“Then I realised she was just really horrified by what I was saying, treating her with such disrespect. 

“It’s quite nice being rude and being paid to be rude!” Laurence added. 

Laurence was asked whether Lord Palmerston had any respect for the monarchy due to his constant need to put down Victoria at every given opportunity. 

He replied; “I think he does have respect for the institution, the monarchy. I don’t know, I just work from what Daisy [Goodwin] gave me. 

“I think there’s a little bit of, he expects like ‘I wonder what this woman is going to do, is she going to do well?’ There’s a little bit of that going on.” 

Tonight, viewers will return to the palace and it is 1848; across Europe the revolution is rife.

Discussing the opening storyline, Victoria script writer Daisy Goodwin told about the scenes expected to air tonight. 

“There’s literally a revolution spreading across Europe – all these kinds being disposed, the beginning of communism and in Britain you’ve got the chartists who are desperate for equal votes and equal suffrage, it’s a proper democratic moment,” she began. 

“Victoria for the first time in her life, has realised that actually her position on the throne is not secure and it’s a really scary moment for her.”

Scenes will show Victoria and Albert (played by Tom Hughes) struggle to pick sides as the French King is ousted once again and needs somewhere to hide. 

As the queen allows him refuge, they are joined by another person seeking safety. 

Victoria’s half-sister Princess Feodora (Kate Fleetwood) appears through the morning mist on a boat and turns up much to the surprise of the Queen. 

Whilst she welcomes her into the household, she is going to cause some underlying trouble between her sister and her brother-in-law. 

Will Victoria see through her sister’s nice act and find out what she really wants? 

Victoria airs tonight at 9pm on ITV

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