Top 7 Ideas to Set Your Twitter Feed on Fire

Twitter is one of the biggest social media platforms according to the user base. And with such huge numbers, it is impossible to ignore the impact it can make on businesses. Marketers are always keen on making Twitter as part of their social media strategy.

Hence, many businesses embed Twitter feed on their official website; it helps brands link their website with their Twitter account.

Embedding twitter feed is smart way to gain more attention on your website and increase your social media traffic. But you still need an active and fresh twitter feed to keep your social media account relevant, here are seven amazing ways by which you can set your twitter feed on fire and make more amazing content and eventually gain more followers.

7 Amazing Ways to Set Your Twitter Feed On Fire

1. Increase your followers

One of the best ways to create an influence or impact is by having a good number of followers on your social media account. For that, you must be aware of your target audience for your brand.

You can follow your competitor brands and check their following list; once you target your audience, you can follow the individuals. It creates some awareness about your brand, and people will get to know about your social media account, and there are high chances that people you follow will follow you back.

You can even keep track of people who aren’t following you back. Various tools are available in the market that helps to keep track of people who do not follow you back. By following the individual who is your target customer, you can create some name in the market, which helps you increase your followers.

2. Plan your posts and tweets

It is important to keep your feed fresh and your account active on Twitter to attain more reach and attract more followers. You can use available tools in the market that will help you plan your posts and schedule your tweets.

Scheduling tweets and proper planning to post content helps you gain more attention and gain more followers. You can schedule the tweets accordingly as to when your followers are online.

3. Use appropriate hashtags

Using hashtags to boost your content one of the best ways to gain followers and strengthen your social media presence. Hashtags have always been part of the social media strategy for marketers. They heavily rely on hashtag campaigns for their promotions and generating awareness.

Hashtags are a great way to increase engagement and promote your brand. People likely to follow trending hashtags and increase their social media shares.

4. Use mentions

Followers and customers feel valued when brands mention them on their social media account. You can use the mention feature to a great benefit. You can mention any influencer who promotes your brand and gets more followers as influencers bring followers to your account.

You have to be cautious while using mentions or ‘@.’ Starting the tweet with ‘@’ will only reach to the mentioned person. But by using ‘@’ in the middle of your tweet to mention the person. It makes the tweet visible to mentioned person and to the public as well.

The mentions also help to generate a good reputation with your followers and in the market. It spreads the word that you value your customers and followers, and hence it also strengthens your social media presence and enhances your brand awareness.

5. Manage your tweets and post during the best time

You must share your tweet at the proper time so it reaches most of the users. Even if your post is entertaining and engaging, if isn’t posted on proper timing, your post might not get enough attention. According to some research, 11 am to 1 pm local time is the best time to post tweets, whereas anytime between 3 pm to 4 pm, local time, is the worst time to tweet.

6. Present your message clearly

Twitter is a great platform to grow your customer base. It helps you get more attention and attain more followers, which eventually leads to building a strong customer base.

You should tweet and make your content that is easy to understand, it helps you to increase the reach of your content. Even while writing a bio or providing detail about your brand, you must be clear with your message.

7. Retweets are the key to extend the reach

The retweet is a key feature of Twitter. Retweets increase the reach of your posts and help you to generate more attention. You can ask your followers to retweet your post, as by using this method, your post will reach to followers and grow in their social circle. While, the retweets also help you get traction on your post and, hence, increase your social media strength.

Retweets also help you to promote your brand or product better and extend the reach of your social media account.


Twitter is a powerful and effective social media platform that helps you get more attention and increase your customer. You can extract great benefits from this platform as it has a huge user base and provides a great boost to the business. You can use various features provided by Twitter to grow your business and attain more social media followers.

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