The One Show: Alex Jones red-faced as The OA star rips her knowledge to shreds ‘WRONG!’

Alex Jones and Matt Baker are two incredibly skilled and charismatic presenters in television, and are fan-favourites on The One Show.

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But tonight’s edition got a little bit awkward when guest and The OA actor Jason Isaacs repeatedly mocked the pregnant host for her lack of knowledge around the hit Netflix series.

The duo quickly admitted they’d never seen the science fiction fantasy, despite apparently being “the only two people” in the studio who hadn’t. 

But despite this, Welsh presenter Alex did her best to explain the programme, and was unfortunately thwarted by Harry Potter star Jason at every turn.

“First series, I’m going to do a sum-up, jump in if I’m wrong,” Alex began with a smile.

Yet barely as she’d started to speak, Jason yelled: “wrong”, which immediately left Alex perturbed.

“What?” she asked in confusion, as Countryfile presenter Matt encouraged her to continued.

“She’s a blind girl, disappears, comes back, new name, new eyes, can see,” Alex fumbled through.

Sharing a wry smile with the presenter, Jason asked: “How old is she Alex?”

“I don’t know,” the host said desperately.

“She’s in her 20s,” Jason confirmed, apparently chastising Alex for her earlier comment about the girl being “young”.

“She’s in her 20s… that’s young!” Alex insisted, trying not to appear foolish as the hilarious discussion continued.

“That’s true,” Jason replied, as Alex clarified she meant in comparison to them.

“And then she comes back and she can jump through time and space,” Alex then shared, but Jason shut down the presenter and told her she was “wrong” once more.

Getting fed up with the situation, Alex stared at the camera in defeat.

“Right ok,” she said in a clipped tone, while Matt struggled not to giggle right next to her on the sofa.

Jason seemed to be enjoying the tease, as he said with a flourish: “But you’re doing very very well.

“You’re reading [the prompter] magnificently well.”

Jason went on to tease the hugely-anticipated second season of the series, saying it was “completely out there”.

The actor also enthused if the network is willing to pick it up, he’d happily take part in the next three instalments.

“There’s five seasons by the way in their heads [the creators], not like every other puzzle show, and I’m desperate for Netflix to recommission it.

“Not because I need the work, I’m lucky to get to do all sorts of projects, but because I love it and I think it’s brilliant,” the star added.

The One Show continues tomorrow at 7pm on BBC One.

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