The Masked Singer’s Latest Castoff on the Relief of Ditching Her Costume: ‘I Felt Like I Was Playing Football’

Warning: This post contains a big spoiler from Wednesday’s The Masked Singer.

We feel for you, Miss Monster. We think we love you. But no amount of adoration could’ve saved you from getting kicked off The Masked Singer this week.

When it was time for the judges to announce who’d be leaving Fox’s reality series, the fuzzy pink queen found out it was time to go. And when she was unmasked, she was revealed to be Grammy winner Chaka Khan. (Read a full recap of the episode.)

TVLine got a few minutes on the phone with Khan, who didn’t hold back about her time in the one-eyed suit (or, interestingly enough, Dancing With the Stars).

TVLINE | What went through your head when Nicole Scherzinger guessed your name after your performance?
I thought, “Well, this is gonna be a quick one. Great!” [Laughs]

TVLINE | Robin Thicke said he thought you might be pulling back on your high notes, so people wouldn’t recognize your voice. Were you?
No. That’s crap. That’s because he didn’t guess it, that’s all. [Laughs]

TVLINE | You do have a very recognizable voice. A lot of our readers knew it was you from the start.
Yeah, I thought so, too. [Laughs] “This is gonna be a one-trick pony. It’s gonna be over.” But it was not.

TVLINE | What was harder: Singing in that costume, in the big head, or doing Dancing With the Stars?
I would say Dancing With the Stars.

We were paired wrongly. It was a bad pairing, you know? [Editor’s note: Khan was partnered with Keo Motsepe on the ABC reality competition.] He was like 9 feet tall, and I’m 5 feet tall. He’s from Africa. He’s on one and three, I’m on two and four. [Laughs]

TVLINE | You’d seen Masked Singer before you signed on?
Yes, I did.

TVLINE | What made you think the show was something you’d want to do?
Actually, someone came to me who was part of the show and asked me would I like to do the show? And I thought about it and said, “That might be interesting and cute and fun. And different.” So I said, “Yeah, OK, I’ll try it.”

TVLINE | Was it what you thought it would be?
Amazingly, surprisingly, I felt like I was playing football. [Laughs]

TVLINE | In what way?
My costume, we had to make a few adjustments on it, because it was really heavy. It
was a heavy costume. It was like being in a box. It was a little bit hard. That’s why I just stood there. I didn’t dance or anything. I just stood there. There’s no way I’m gonna dance. There’s no way I’m having a stroke up here, you know? [Laughs] In a monster costume? No. [Laughs]

TVLINE | You have a live album coming out?
I have two or three projects. We’ll see what comes out first.

TVLINE | And you’re touring. Did the show inspire you to put any costumed numbers into your live set?
No, thank you.

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