The Chase: ‘Worst answer in the HISTORY of the show’ Fans gobsmacked by contestant twist

Today’s programme saw a team of four players crash and burn as they attempted to beat chaser Shaun Wallace, also known as The Dark Destroyer.

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Daniel, Liz, Mike and Barbara all tried their hand at outrunning the quiz brain to win some money for The Chase prize pot, but sadly none of them managed the feat.

Player four, Barbara, had all to play for after the unfortunate attempts by her teammates, and deciding she had nothing to lose went for the higher offer of £50,000.

Barbara only managed to rack up four correct answers in the cash builder round, but was keen for the whopping higher offer to pay for her wedding to long-time partner Russell.

With some guesses along the way, Barbara seemed to be scuttling her way down the board, but a question about the Moon completely threw the rest of the game off.

Presenter Bradley Walsh asked: “Why is the Moon not classed as a planet?”

The answers were: “A, it’s too small, B, its name is not a god, and C, it orbits Earth.”

Yet despite being one of the easier questions on the hit ITV programme, Barbara fumbled over the answers and went with B.

Simply turning to face player 4, Bradley refused to react to the decision.

“I thought Uranus, Saturn, Jupitus are all gods, that’s why I thought it could be B.”

It turned out the correct answer was C, and a disappointed Barbara was sent home.”

Flocking to Twitter, fans couldn’t believe Barbara hadn’t known the answer.

“That could be the worst answer in the history of the chase. #TheChase,” one person declared.

“What a stupid answer that was #TheChase,” another wrote.

A third shared: “Oh dear oh dear oh dear #thechase.”

While a fourth noted: “You silly billy #thechase.”

“Why has she done that….? #TheChase,” a fifth puzzled fan wondered.

And another lamented: “Wow, what a waste of a chase. #TheChase.”

As are the rules of the game, if not a single player gets through to the final chase, the team are given the task of choosing their most intelligent and knowledgeable contestant to take a punt against the chaser.

Player two Mike was chosen, but after he failed to beat Shaun with only 13 correct answers, the Barrister joked he was simply too good to lose.

“I was superb today, do you know why? It was just another day at the office,” he said proudly.

The Chase continues tomorrow at 5pm own ITV.

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