The Chase: ITV viewers stunned by lone contestant’s huge score ‘He’s a future chaser!’

Danny, a postgraduate student at Cambridge University, was the final player standing in The Chase and managed to rack up a decent potential jackpot. His speed and skill was so great fans predicted he will one day be shattering contestants’ dreams, while Bradley Walsh called him “unbelievable.”

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One by one the players on The Chase fell by the wayside, with some great trivia experts succumbing to the pressure and the relentless pursuit of Paul “The Sinnerman” Sinha.

Danny was left alone to try and raise a decent barrier of questions between Paul and the £8,000 he had banked in an earlier round.

In a sterling solo display, he managed to answer 20 questions by himself and give him a fighting chance to take the money and spend it on a family holiday.

Bradley Walsh, the show’s host, was mightily impressed by Danny’s performance.

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“That was unbelievable. Brilliant,’ said Bradley, who then questioned Danny’s age.

On learning he is only 22, Bradley resumed his praise: “There is no way you should have known some of them. He’ll [Paul Sinha] be so impressed.”

Danny’s right answers to music questions, involving ELO and Black Sabbath, showcased his wide-ranging knowledge.

Bradley then spoke on Paul’s behalf: “He’ll be so impressed with that. Honestly. Great player.”

Sadly for Danny, Paul ended his game with just two seconds left on the clock, but there was immediate praise from Bradley.

“That was a superb performance. Truly. One of the best I’ve ever, ever seen from a single player.”

Paul then admitted he needed to perform at a level he hasn’t touched in some time.

“Unlucky, Danny. You were up against what I consider to be one of the best performances I’ve ever put together because there were quite a few tricky questions in that last 10 or 11 that I got in a row,” said Paul.

“I’m really proud to say that I had to bring my absolute A-game to this game, and I did.”

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