The Chase contestant in SHOW FIRST as she yells at Shaun Wallace: 'You're out of order'

Tonight’s episode of The Chase caused fans to become heated before witnessing a first on the Bradley Walsh fronted show.

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ITV’s game show saw the first contestant of the evening get caught by chaser Shaun Wallace, as she failed to claim her prize pool of £5,000.

Second contestant Des successfully claimed his high offer of £35,000, leaving the team in a hopeful position.

However the third and fourth contestants Amma and John accepted the minus offer, leaving the team’s prize pool at £30,000.

With a successful team of three attending the final chase, host Bradley, 57, had a good chance of winning today’s game. 

But fans were absolutely appalled at two team members taking the negative offer, and flocked to Twitter to comment, with one saying: “How can not 1 but 2 people take the minus offer on #TheChase and not only that he even had the balls to skip back to the table and say, ‘Wooo we will get 10 grand each if we win I’m just stunned.”

The final chase saw the trio successfully rack up 19 steps against the chaser. 

Unfortunately for Bradley and his team, Shaun was on form today, as he blitzed through the questions, seemingly destroying their claim for the cash.

Despite their five push-back attempts – three of which were successful – Shaun managed to chase down the team with a split-second to spare.

Shaun danced in his seat at his mind-blowing victory, while the team were absolutely heartbroken by the devastating defeat.

Contestant Amma was particularly distraught, and instantly aimed her anger at Shaun.

She cried out: “Ah no! That was unnecessary. 

“One second. You’re out of order,” she added, pointing at Shaun. 

Amma shook her head as Bradley read out the statistics of the game.

Fans chimed in on her outburst, claiming she had no right after claiming a low offer, with one saying: “Amma: that’s out of order. Says the woman who takes the minus offer #TheChase.”

Another commented: “Amma ‘one second, you’re out of order’. Erm minus £2000, you’re out of order chick! #TheChase.”

One fan added: “Amma I think was a bit bitter there #TheChase.”

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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