The 100 Recap: Eight Legged Freaks! Plus, Has [Spoiler] Gone Dark?

Wednesday’s dizzying episode of The 100 was filled with highs (a reunion!), lows (a betrayal!) and… whatever category “alien spider creatures” would fall under.

The action-heavy hour picks up with Diyoza being taken into custody on Bardo, where the Disciples make repeated attempts to “break” her in order to gain access to her memories. Alas, she cannot be broken. So when an unsuspecting Disciple drops his guard for a second, she goes full vampire, ripping his neck open with her teeth. A true warrior queen.

It isn’t explicitly stated how much time has passed since Diyoza was taken captive, but we get our answer when she encounters four familiar faces — including one she barely recognizes thanks to time dilation and whatnot. And when Diyoza notes Echo’s cloudier-than-normal disposition, Octavia fills her in about Bellamy’s death (which I still don’t totally believe, but we’ll see).

With the Disciples hot on their trail, the group hasn’t a moment to waste. And thanks to a chance run-in with their old buddy Levitt, they learn of an escape route to the outside world. But all it takes is one random stranger suggesting that the mission isn’t survivable for Gabriel to turn on his “friends.” He uses his suit to knock everyone out, claiming that he can’t let them risk their lives — but now they’re all in the Disciples’ custody, so what does it even matter?

Meanwhile, on the other floating rocks…

NAKARA | It doesn’t take long for Clarke & Co. to realize they’ve arrived on the wrong planet, but tracking down the Anomaly Stone on Nakara proves to be a far more difficult task, especially when Raven realizes that the “cave” everyone has been crawling through is actually the inner lining of a living organism — one that’s populated with face-eating alien spider creatures, no less! (In other news, I’m suddenly extremely aware of my fear of fast-moving spiders.) Raven eventually finds the Stone and saves the day, but not before Miller and Niylah discover a familiar symbol from the “second dawn,” prompting them to ask, “How is it possible that there are people here from the bunker in Polis?”

SANCTUM | Fearing that Sheidheda could seize control of Wonkru by exploiting its lack of a Commander, Indra attempts to reinstate Madi, only for Clarke’s surrogate daughter to suffer a panic attack in the middle of Indra’s big announcement. Murphy suggests that Indra, who clearly ran things in the bunker “while Octavia was painting her face with blood,” should step up as the new Commander. She’s initially hesitant, but as Emorii tells her, “The fact that you don’t want it is why you should do it.” Knight challenges her attempt, but she makes quick work of him, successfully staking her claim to the title.

OK, let’s discuss this week’s episode: Were you surprised by Gabriel’s apparent betrayal? How do you think those “second dawn” symbols showed up on Nakara? And are you also worried that Nikki will make good on her promise to give Raven the ol’ “bang bang”? Drop a comment with all of your thoughts below.

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