A lioness killed the father of their 3 cubs, and zookeepers say they aren’t sure what provoked the attack

Free-Photos/Pixabay A lioness has killed the father of her three cubs, suffocating her mate by inflicting injuries to his neck at the Indianapolis Zoo. Zookeepers had never before noticed any aggression between the two lions, the zoo said in a statement issued on Friday. Staff members at the zoo said they’re “not sure what provoked” […]

Hero zookeepers who saved 300 jews is the subject of new Hollywood film

ANNE MARIE FOX/ FOCUS FEATURES Jessica Chasten plays Antonina Zabinski in The Zookeeper’s Wife Her female calf Tuzinka was the first Indian elephant to be born in a Polish zoo and only the 12th in the world to be born in captivity. But in September 1939 Germany dropped several bombs on this 75-acre “green kingdom” […]