What it’s like to work in Svalbard, a group of Arctic islands where anyone can live visa-free — as long as you don’t run out of money and abide by its unique set of rules

Longyearbyen, the largest city in Svalbard on May 2, 2022. JONATHAN NACKSTRAND/AFP via Getty Images Svalbard, a Norwegian archipelago by the North Pole, is one of the world's only visa-free zones.  But residents who can't support themselves or find housing can be expelled by the governor. Insider spoke with four locals (one of whom was […]

The most powerful passport 2018: THIS country allows the most visa-free travel

The most powerful passport in the world for 2018 has been revealed. Determined by Henley Passport Index, it determines how many countries the holder can enter either without a visa or instead receiving a visa upon entering the country. In 2018, one country now has 177 countries in which they can travel to without needing […]

Passport: Would YOU back visa-free travel for Europeans to the UK post-Brexit?

People are travelling more than ever now, with a huge 12 million visits abroad for British tourists recorded last year. However, fears have been raised over how travel could change post-Brexit, from passport changes to border control. A new issue being raised is the changes in visas around the world. A recent poll found that […]

Turkey will halt refugee deal if EU rejects Ankara’s new visa-free travel plan – minister

The vexed migrant deal between Turkey and the EU to alleviate the refugee flows into Europe will be in jeopardy if Brussels fails to agree on the new visa liberalization scheme to be submitted by Ankara in May, the Turkish Minister for EU Affairs has said. Read more Speaking on the deal’s status to CNN […]

EU lawmakers vote to scrap visa-free travel for Americans to Europe

The European Parliament has passed a non-binding resolution calling on Brussels to force Americans to apply for visas before visiting Europe unless Washington adheres to a visa reciprocity policy and stops discriminating against eastern EU citizens. The resolution, passed by a show of hands, demands equal treatment and reciprocity for all EU citizens from Washington […]

Georgia just won visa-free EU travel for citizens

AFP Brussels (AFP) – European Union member states on Monday approved visa-free travel for Georgia, after agreeing safeguards to prevent any upsurge in arrivals from the former Soviet satellite. Georgia, along with much larger Ukraine, has been urging the EU to grant visa-free travel so as to show its citizens that close ties with Europe […]