Supergirl Returns! EP Previews Kara's 'Challenging' New Triangle, Alex's Dilemma and a Big Finale Twist

When Supergirl returns from her super-long break, the CW drama will hit the ground… flying. RELATEDSupergirl: Winn’s Mom Bears Bad News in Explosive Trailer TVLINE | What’s ahead for Kara and Mon-El? Where the show left off, he had just confessed to Imra that his feelings for his ex remain… complicated.It’s one of those heartbreaking, […]

Google Earth reveals weird triangle in Nevada desert – but what is it hiding?

Google Earth, created in 2001, has opened up the world to people to explore from the comfort of their own homes. By mapping the globe, the most beautiful natural landmarks and sightings can be seen with the click of a button. Many use it to confirm their own conspiracy theories, such as extraterrestrial lifeforms or […]

Flight 19: The first Bermuda Triangle mystery – but what really happened?

Flight 19, a group of Navy torpedo bombers, became one of the first missing flights to be blamed by the Bermuda Triangle. The five planes left Fort Lauderdale in Florida on 5 December 1945 for a routine training exercise. However, they all went missing with the 14 crew members onboard being lost over the Atlantic. […]

Google Maps: UFO sighting suspected in Australia as people spot WEIRD triangle 

Google Maps users were shocked to discover something strange in a remote part of Western Australia.  In the middle of a field, the map image shows a mysterious triangle dotted with bright lights.  The field is located between Badgingarra National Park and Wongonderrah Nature Reserve. With its distinctive shape and eerie glow, it looks just […]

WATCH: Cruise ship battles 20 FOOT waves sailing through the Bermuda Triangle

A cruise ship battled a heart-stopping storm when sailing through the Bermuda Triangle. The Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas was battered against the rough seas during the last day of its trip in 2012. This mysterious part of the world has claimed many lives without anyone understanding why. Luckily, the brave ship survived the […]

Bermuda Triangle MYSTERY: Honeymooners flying to Bahamas disappear without a trace

Friends and family of Forrest and Donna Sanco have launched a GoFundMe page to raise money to help find the couple.  The newlywed pair left their home in Fort Worth, Texas, bound for the Bahamas last month.  But the couple never made it to their destination – instead vanishing into thin air.  Forrest and Donna […]

This Triangle Test Will Reveal Your Dominant Personality Trait

You got: Creativity You’re a creative soul who is always open to new perspectives and experiences. You’re the type of person who can make something from nothing and you’re constantly presenting solutions that people didn’t think were even possible. But sometimes it can be exhausting to be creative! We totally get it. Don’t let yourself […]

Neighbours spoiler: Toadie set for shock love triangle with Sonya and THIS character?

The lawyer appeared to catch the eye of Amy Williams (played by Zoe Crammond), who was clearly developing feelings for him.  It seemed that the tension between them was palpable as she helped Toadie get ready ahead of the meeting between Willow Somers (Mieke Billing-Smith) and her biological father Fergus. Amy appeared to get flustered […]

Bermuda Triangle MYSTERY: Armchair investigator claims THIS theory links 75 missing planes

The Bermuda Triangle, or Devil’s Triangle, sits between the island of Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Florida in the US.  It has long been shrouded in mystery due to the disappearance of scores of aircraft and ships in recent history.  The triangle remains one of aviation’s greatest mysteries, responsible for swallowing up 75 planes that have […]

Bermuda Triangle: Scientist claims to know TRUTH behind unexplained phenomenon

The triangle covers the area just off the coast of Florida to Puerto Rico and the island of Bermuda. Planes and ships have disappeared there in a number of high profile cases over the years. Scientists have so far been baffled by the disappearances, which have claimed at least 1000 lives over the past 100 […]