Laura Tobin leaves GMB in chaos as intruders derail forecast: ‘I’ve never been so scared!’

Laura, 38, was on hand to present the weather from Stroud for the last Good Morning Britain instalment of the week. The forecaster took herself off to a hillside, overlooking beautiful countryside scenery as the sun rose on what could be one of the hottest UK days on record. However, what she and her ITV co-stars Ranvir Singh, 42, […]

GMB viewers in meltdown as Laura Tobin shares first snap of baby girl live on air

Laura, 36, confirmed that she’d given birth to her first child prematurely last month, and although she hasn’t been on GMB since, she spoke to the team on the phone earlier today. Susanna Reid, 46, gushed: “We haven’t had Laura on the programme for quite a long time but she joins us on the phone. […]

Laura Tobin gives birth prematurely and names baby after THIS GMB star – Find out who HERE

The Good Morning Britain weather woman is being kept in hospital as doctors continue to care for her baby girl.  Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid broke the news this morning, but revealed they’ve waited to announce Laura’s arrival with husband Dean Brown. Laura announced her pregnancy on GMB earlier this year and has been absent […]

Pregnant Laura Tobin blows fans away as she debuts mini bump with epic dance: ‘Go girl!'

After announcing her pregnancy live on Good Morning Britain earlier this week, Laura, 35, was all smiles as the team celebrated the arrival of Hollywood legend Kevin Bacon into the studio.  Though, no one was more excited than GMB’s resident weather woman, who donned a fetching pair of leg warmers for the occasion and paraded […]

Laura Tobin announces she's pregnant LIVE on air: 'Nobody knows!' – Susanna Reid IN TEARS

The 35-year-old broke the news during this morning’s broadcast during her first report of the day, when asked if she was expiring her first child.  “I am having my own little ray of sunshine, yes I’m having a baby,” she beamed.  Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid were both visibly shocked by the wonderful news after […]

WATCH: Weathergirl Laura Tobin squeals in shock as she's hit with bird POO live on ITV

The weather girl was at Bocketts Farm for her segment and named a new born chick after herself, but it seems the youngster wasn’t impressed with her choice.  It launched a “dirty protest” against the presenter, depositing bird poo on her hand.  Informing viewers about the upcoming forecast with the chick resting on her hand, […]

Laura Tobin risks KNICKER FLASH as she swaps underwear with GMB co-star Kate Garraway

As it was revealed that Tom Jones is in talks to write a musical featuring his iconic hits, entertainment reporter Richard Arnold could be seen lip syncing to his single It’s Not Unusual. While performing, a large pair of nude knickers was thrown at him and holding them up, he remarked: “Ooh I think these […]