Wynonna Earp Star: The Garden Was an ‘Excruciatingly Cold’ Hell — But Delivered a Perfectly Timed Storm!

RELATED STORIES For its season-opening trip to the Garden of Eden, Syfy’s Wynonna Earp gave the iconic location the cold shoulder — foregoing flora and fauna for a frigid tundra that seemingly stretched to the horizon. “It was literally called Blizzard Lake — a body of water that had frozen,” series lead Melanie Scrofano told […]

Fortnite week 9 challenges COUNTDOWN: Plane timed trials, golden balloons, dance on top

Fortnite week 9 challenges are going live soon on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch. Android, iOS, PCs and Macs. The Fortnite week 9 challenges are set to go live in the season 7 Battle Pass on Thursday January 31 at 2pm UK time. And as per usual, thanks to dataminers we have a pretty good […]

Hacking accusations against Russia a smear campaign timed with NATO cyberwarfare meeting – diplomat

The latest wave of accusations against Russia over alleged government-ordered hacking looks very much like a coordinated media attack timed with a NATO meeting of cyberwarfare, the Russian ambassador to UK told RT. On Thursday, the UK and the Netherlands claimed that they had foiled cyber attacks by Russian government hackers while the US indicted […]

Nevill’s well timed stunner

Video Nevill’s well timed stunner0:35 Cricket: Test candidate Peter Nevill takes a great low catch off a Burns’ inside edge. November 13th 2017 5 minutes ago /display/newscorpaustralia.com/Web/NewsNetwork/Sport news and galleries/Cricket news and galleries/ Cricket Aussies one win away from Ashes1:19 November 13th 2017 6 hours ago /display/newscorpaustralia.com/Web/NewsNetwork/Sport news and galleries/Cricket news and galleries/ Perry’s double […]

Tourist UPROAR as world famous heritage site issues timed entry tickets

Many of the famous sites in the world are now overrun with tourists. Barcelona and Venice are just some of the cities struggling to cope with the influx and debating how to solve the crisis. However, one destination in Peru has decided to try and survive its own popularity. The famous Machu Picchu has announced […]

Perfectly timed photo reveals the moment just before a boy’s night out ends in DISASTER

The two friends were enjoying a night out when they decided to pose for the club photographer.  Hoping to make their good times last forever in a snap, the boys donned their best smiles and reached out their arms around each other.  Unfortunately, one of the boys was concentrating a little too hard to look […]