Sunday Brunch host Simon Rimmer stops ‘smutty conversation’ as chef causes chaos

“It was our chat earlier Simon. The time got away from me.” With just moments to spare though, Josh’s eggs finished cooking and all was not lost.  “You’re making Tim laugh over here in the studio Josh!” Simon added.  But, Josh was able to show the viewers his shakshuka with avocados, peppers and tomato just […]

Springwatch’s Chris Packham reveals presenters issued WARNING over smutty innuendos

However, Chris Packham has revealed that the BBC are not always impressed with their cheeky remarks, confessing that he and co-host Michaela Strachan have found themselves in trouble.  The pair have had their wrists slapped over some of the naughty jokes they have used over recent months but insist they are simply trying to entertain […]