The Chase: Paul Sinha storms off set of ITV quiz show after ‘worst-ever’ performance

After going head-to-head with Natalie, Paul got back on track as he knocked out the next two players. This meant his opponent faced the Final Chase on her own and was hoping she could do enough to walk away with £4,000. However, the Chaser seemed too knowledgable for her as he managed to topple her […]

The Chase’s Paul Sinha ‘likely’ to have COVID-19 as he admits ‘social-distancing too late’

The Chase star Paul Sinha broke the news on social media that he thinks he’s contracted coronavirus. The Sinnerman, as he’s know on the show, took to Twitter to admit to his fans he had made a grave error. “Although I cant be sure and I can’t be tested, it seems likely I have coronavirus,” […]

The Chase: Bradley Walsh shocked as player SNAPS after Paul Sinha ‘insult’

Paul Sinha was today’s quizzer on The Chase, eventually beating the entire team to defend the show’s prize fund. However, it wasn’t an easy ride for the Sinnerman who faced a backlash from the contestants. Contestant Gill had amassed £5,000 in her cash builder round, but was then given higher and lower offers from Paul. […]

The Chase star Paul Sinha LASHES OUT at viewers in bizarre rant: 'They're not very clever'

The quizzer, known at The Sinnerman on the ITV gameshow, caused controversy by appearing to imply that the programme’s viewers were stupid. Paul, 47, blasted: “Believe me, the large part of the Chase fan base is not very clever. “And yet The Chase is a clever show,” he added, noting that the questions spanned a […]