‘Imperishable Memories’ Is A Shmup Of Exploring Your Creative Past

Imperishable Memories takes you to Atherus, a world created out of the memories and creative expressions of Roy, the protagonist. While a waltz through your past artwork and characters may make some wistful (or cringe uncontrollably), Roy’s past carries some dark, toxic elements, all personified in Thanatos, and this silver-haired being has done some terrible […]

Imperishable Memories Is A Narrative Shmup Of Coming To Terms With Past Mistakes

There tends not to be much room for story while players are dodging hails of bullets during shmups, but developer Jennifer Raye is trying to change that with Imperishable Memories, a bullet hell shooter that tells a story of a being coming to terms with their past mistakes and learning to move on as best […]

Rym 9000 Is A Shmup Of Overwhelming, Haywire Visuals

Rym 9000‘s trailer rightfully starts with an epilepsy warning, as the game’s distorted, trembling, shifting visuals are on the cusp of overwhelming the eyes at almost every moment, taking players through a hyper-stimulating roller coaster ride of lights, colors, effects, and sound. Oh yeah the shooting part is swell too. Rym 9000 is about a […]

Next Jump: Shmup Tactics Slows Down Bullet Hell For Better Tactical Decisions

If twitchy, precise reflexes aren’t really your thing, the shmups typically won’t be a genre for you. Weaving through the scant few millimeters of space you have between bullets and enemies can be just a bit much for folks like us. This is where Next Jump: Shmup Tactics (Next Jump) comes in, giving players a […]