Emmerdale spoilers: Mandy Dingle sent packing by Vinny after major screw-up with Paul

When the envelope mysteriously goes missing, the loud-mouth Dingle is the first to point the finger and of course, blames Paul for its disappearance, much to Vinny’s dismay. Paul is sickened by her accusations and vows he wasn’t responsible. With Mandy almost certain he had something to do with it, she’s left red-faced when David […]

Daily Podcast: MoviePass’s Latest Screw-Up, New Universal Theme Park, Mowgli, Halloween, Star Wars Resistance, and More

On the July 27, 2018 episode of /Film Daily, /Film senior writer Ben Pearson is joined by /Film weekend editor Brad Oman writers Hoai-Tran Bui and Chris Evangelista to discuss the latest news, including the latest update on the Disney/Fox deal, MoviePass’s latest gaffe, Andy Serkis’s Mowgli, Altered Carbon season 2, Star Wars Resistance, Halloween, […]

The Oscars came up with a foolproof set of rules so an epic envelope screw-up doesn’t happen again

Aaron Poole / ©A.M.P.A.S. Last year’s Oscars suffered a major black eye when “La La Land” was erroneously named Best Picture instead of “Moonlight” due to an envelope screw-up. Now PwC, the consulting firm that handles voting and tabulation for the awards show, is making some big changes to prevent such a gaffe from ever […]

Anatomy of a Screw-Up

The story of the “Shitty Media Men” document – specifically, the threat of the doxxing of its creator by Harper’s magazine and (hashtagproblematic) writer Katie Roiphe, and the preemptive self-outing of creator Moira Donegan in a confessional essay at The Cut – is a fascinating and complicated one, delving into complex issues of harassment, accusation, […]

‘There was a screw-up’: UBC researchers pull paper linking vaccine component to autism

Researchers from the University of British Columbia are retracting their scientific paper linking aluminum in vaccines to autism in mice, because one of the co-authors claims figures published in the study were deliberately altered before publication — an issue he says he realized after allegations of data manipulation surfaced online. CBC | Health News

So, How the Hell Did that Best Picture Screw-Up Happen?

In the cold light of morning, the full story of what exactly caused the baffling debacle during the Best Picture announcement during last night’s Academy Awards are beginning to come to light, and hew lord, what a mess – a combination of fumbled fail-safes, onstage confusion, and general fuckery. The picture of what went wrong, […]