‘There Swings a Skull’ Seeks Sacrifices to Stem Climate Catastrophe

The scorching sun burns above Anatoli and Pyotr, demanding people die to dull its relentless heat in the eerie There Swings a Skull: Grim Tidings. Well, the sun itself isn’t doing the… The post ‘There Swings a Skull’ Seeks Sacrifices to Stem Climate Catastrophe appeared first on Indie Games Plus.

Avengers 4: 'Tony sacrifices SPOILER for the Soul Stone – NOT Pepper or Captain America'

Those pitiless Marvel writers are not afraid to rip out fans’ hearts and stomp all over them. Infinity War delivered some of the biggest shocks in blockbuster history and it is clearly not over yet. Many are convinced that the Soul Stone is the key to everything and to somehow restoring those lost in the […]

Archaeologists find mysterious, 4,000-year-old dog sacrifices in Russia

A map of the area on the northern Russian steppes where the sacrificial dogs were found. The Krasnosamarskoe settlement was a tiny ritual center, part of the larger Indo-European Srubnaya culture in the late Bronze Age. (credit: Journal of Anthropological Archaeology) 4,000 years ago in the northern steppes of Eurasia, in the shadow of the […]

Quebec City's Karen Paquin sacrifices for Canadian rugby cause

Karen Paquin has given up her job twice for her country. The flanker from Quebec City hopes to make that sacrifice pay off this month in Ireland where Canada, runner-up three years ago in France, looks to win the Women’s Rugby World Cup. The Canadian women, currently ranked third in the world, open Aug. 9 […]

Lighter than a PowerBar, 7Mesh’s Oro cycling jacket sacrifices weight not waterproofing

A good rain jacket is an essential piece of gear for any cyclist, particularly in the spring when unexpected rain showers might put a premature end to any ride. Thanks to an innovative new fabric developed by Gore-Tex, however, a new jacket from a company called 7Mesh promises to provide a new level of protection from […]