Piers Morgan rages at Extinction Rebellion founder ‘Practice what you preach!

Good Morning Britain wasn’t on television screens for long this morning because of the Rugby World Cup coverage, but during the two hours it did air, presenter Piers Morgan caused a storm when he got into an extremely heated debate with the Extinction Rebellion founder over the climate change protests which are currently dominating the […]

Network of 40 Salafist sisters preach hate and indoctrination online – German intel

Germany’s intelligence services have identified an Islamist terrorist network made up of 40 women. Female extremists with hundreds of Facebook followers are increasingly filling the gap left by their imprisoned husbands. Burkhard Freier, the head of the North Rhine-Westphalian Office for the Protection of the Constitution, told Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper that the local female […]

‘You can’t let anyone preach’: Germany needs to ‘control’ mosques to fight terrorism – UAE minister

A loose oversight over mosques is what contributes to the rise of Islamist terrorism in Europe, an UAE minister warned. He then called on Germany and its neighbors to introduce stricter regulation over Muslim prayer halls to prevent radicalization. Read more “You can’t just leave a mosque open and allow anyone to go there and […]

Selling What They Preach

A recent ad for the InterContinental hotel brand, a lush video set in London, features an interview with Kathryn Sargent, the first woman master tailor to open her own shop on Savile Row. “The whole experience of making a beautiful garment for someone,” Sargent tells the camera, as she expertly marks a piece of wool, […]