The Poorest Country in Europe Has the Most Women in Tech

When Bulgarian Tatyana Mitkova co-founded her business — ClaimCompass, which helps dissatisfied airline passengers get compensation — she found exactly what you’d expect from the startup sector: Most of the industry’s other founders and investors were male. As the tech industry worldwide attempts to shake off its hoodie-wearing White man image, Bulgaria has become one […]

US wages trade war against one of the world's poorest nations over used clothing

The United States is in a trade conflict with Rwanda, a sub-Saharan African country with a $ 9 billion economy. Rwanda’s tariff hike on used clothes from the US to boost local production has upset the Trump administration. Rwanda raised import duties on used clothing from America from $ 0.25 to $ 2.50 per kilogram, […]

‘Moral crisis’: Gates, Buffett & Bezos richer than poorest half of America combined

Published time: 9 Nov, 2017 09:25 The three richest people in the United States – Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Warren Buffett – have a total wealth that exceeds the savings of America’s poorest 160 million, a new study shows. The three billionaires are sitting on a combined $ 248.5 billion fortune, which outstrips the […]

Quarter of Britain’s poorest families going hungry, survey finds

Around 25 percent of low-income families in the UK regularly undereat because of insufficient funds, according to the first major survey into the levels of food insecurity in Britain. The survey, conducted by the Food Standards Agency (FSA), a government agency tasked with protecting public health in relation to food, found that 8 percent of […]

How Trump’s Budget Would Impact Cities’ Poorest Residents

During his campaign for president, Donald Trump pledged to help inner cities and African American communities in particular. But his proposed budget eliminates programs that have helped these communities for years, and would deal a particular blow to Americans with the lowest incomes. The proposed budget, announced Thursday, would slash funding from federal agencies that […]

‘What a billion means’: art exhibit shows extent of fraud in Europe’s poorest nation (PHOTOS)

A Moldovan artist has created an exhibit to highlight the banking scandal that rocked the country in 2014 when $ 1 billion suddenly disappeared from three banks in the small Eastern European nation. Stefan Esanu’s exhibition of 10 massive stacks of fake $ 100 bills, each weighing 500 kilograms (1102 lbs), are on display at […]