The Prom: 10 Questions to Ponder After Watching the New Netflix Musical

RELATED STORIES When it comes to Netflix’s star-studded production of The Prom, one thing’s universal: this movie is a lot of fun. And mostly for the right reasons! Based on the short-lived Broadway musical, The Prom tells the story of Emma (newcomer Jo Ellen Pellman), an Indiana high schooler who isn’t allowed to attend the […]

Chicago Fire Stars Ponder Casey and Brett’s ‘Simmering’ Potential Romance

RELATED STORIES Chicago Fire‘s Brett is finally back where she belongs in this Wednesday’s episode (NBC, 9/8c) — and back to exploring her feelings for Casey? After breaking off her engagement to Kyle and leaving Indiana behind, Brett’s return to Firehouse 51 brings up “mixed emotion[s] for her,” her portrayer Kara Killmer tells TVLine. “She’s […]

Supernatural Stars, EP Ponder the Show's Future Beyond Next Season

There’s very little doubt that Supernatural will be renewed for Season 14 — but will it go on even longer than that? VIDEOSSupernatural‘s Jensen Ackles Tackles a New Character — and We’ve Got Clues! Ackles and Padalecki, too, are keen to continue telling Supernatural stories. And since The CW’s president Mark Pedowitz has repeatedly said that […]