Evocative Photographs Capture Timeless Themes of Childhood

Photographer Nolan Streitberger’s “Raised in America” sprung, as the best projects often do, from something entirely different. While working on the photo series “Long Summer Days,” which chronicle his daughter’s struggle with small-town, small-house, only-child boredom, Streitberger wondered if that series’ themes – conveyed there in a documentary-style form – could work in a style […]

Stunning Photographs of the Scandinavian Winter

Photographer and San Diego native Kelley Hudson faced a tough choice not long ago. Her husband was accepted into a prestigious Masters program at the Danish Academy of Music, and she found herself deciding to sell her photography studio, uproot her family (including her young daughter), and move to Copenhagen. “I didn’t take a single […]

Gorgeous Photographs Explore the Fluidity of Identity

“Identity has always been a question mark for me,” writes photographer Keren Stanley. “I didn’t identify with being mixed-race or white or being society’s idea of the masculine. Conceptual photography provided me with a safe space to explore my stories around identity. I could create separate worlds, without judgment, in which to depict these stories. […]

Painterly Photographs of Beautiful Modern-Day Transylvania

The season being what it is, there’s a pretty good chance that the Romanian region of Transylvania is taking up a fair amount of real estate in your head these days. Whatever your preferred version of the Dracula story may be (in print or film), the portraiture of the good Count’s homeland is unwaveringly spooky […]

Haunting Photographs of Abandoned Rooms

Dutch photographer Marieke Berkelaar is fascinated by vacated spaces – the things that people choose to leave behind, and what those items (and their arrangement) says about the people who abandoned them. Her remarkable photo series “Secrets of Yesterday,” which captures those homes and apartment buildings and factories, displays a powerful command of mood and […]

15 of most iconic photographs in World Cup history

Reuters The 2018 World Cup has had its fair share of “must-see” moments. From Japan and Colombia fans staying after the final whistles of their respective group matches to tidy up after themselves, to Belgian striker Michy Batshuayi kicking the ball into his own face when attempting to celebrate a goal. The quality of actual […]

Google Maps photographs man in very bizarre situation with street view cameras

Google Maps is the best way to see a slice of life in locations around the world. Designed as a way for people to get around in locations both new and familiar, to has also become a way to see people going about their daily lives. But this means seeing everything from the mundane to […]

Kate Middleton took the first official photographs of newborn Prince Louis — including a tender moment with sister Princess Charlotte

Kensington Palace The British royal family released the first official photographs of the newest family member, Prince Louis.  Princess Charlotte, 3, is also seen holding her baby brother. Both photographs were snapped by Kate, Duchess of Cambridge. Kensington Palace on Saturday released the first official photographs of Prince Louis, born on April 23. The first photo […]