TVLine’s Performers of the Week: Daniel Zovatto and Nathan Lane   

RELATED STORIES THE PERFORMERS | Daniel Zovatto and Nathan Lane THE SHOW | Penny Dreadful: City of Angels THE EPISODE | “How It Is With Brothers” (May 31, 2020) THE PERFORMANCES | Since the premiere of Showtime’s sublime Penny Dreadful offshoot, we’ve been impressed by the tag team of Zovatto, as Tiago Vega, the LAPD’s […]

Performers of the Week: Bob Odenkirk and Jonathan Banks

RELATED STORIES THE PERFORMERS | Bob Odenkirk and Jonathan Banks THE SHOW | Better Call Saul THE EPISODE | “Bagman” (April 6, 2020) THE PERFORMANCES | All you Saul fans out there hoping for more Jimmy-and-Mike scenes, well, you got your wish this week — and then some. The motor-mouthed attorney and the gruff fixer […]

TVLine’s Performers of the Year: Unbelievable’s Merritt Wever, Kaitlyn Dever and Toni Collette

RELATED STORIES Last week, we at TVLine revealed our 20 finalists for Performer of the Year. We have since debated fiercely among ourselves to come up with a winning trio whose collective work was unbelievably affecting — Kaitlyn Dever, Merritt Wever and Toni Collette, of Netflix’s Unbelievable. I was raped. With those three words — the […]

TVLine Performers of the Week (TIE): Grant Gustin and Josh O’Connor

RELATED STORIES THE PERFORMER | Grant Gustin THE SHOW | The Flash THE EPISODE | “The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Pt. 1” (Nov. 26, 2019) THE PERFORMANCE | When you torture Barry Allen, you torture all of us. But under the category of “silver lining,” you also, without fail, elicit an especially moving performance […]

Performers of the Week: Unbelievable’s Toni Collette and Merritt Wever

RELATED STORIES THE PERFORMERS | Toni Collette and Merritt Wever THE SHOW | Netflix’s Unbelievable  THE EPISODE | Episode 6 (Sept. 13, 2019) THE PERFORMANCES | The 2019 Emmys are just hours away, but after binging Netflix’s often grueling yet ultimately life-affirming eight-episode, fact-based drama our minds are focused on next year’s ceremony and this dream scenario: the […]

TVLine Performers of the Week: Michelle Williams and Lauren German

THE PERFORMER | Michelle Williams THE SHOW | Fosse/Verdon THE EPISODE | “Where Am I Going?” (May 7, 2019) THE PERFORMANCE | Fosse/Verdon‘s Gwen Verdon is as great an actress off-stage as she is on it, putting on a brave face and an unshakeable smile no matter what life throws at her. This week, though, […]

Helen Mirren Thinks Stunt Performers Should Get Oscars

Helen Mirren is out here stumping for stunt performers – and rightfully so. The Academy Award-winning actress, who’s appeared in a handful of action films over the past few years, is using her platform to draw attention to the fact that is the year 2018 and somehow, there still is not an Oscars category devoted to the […]

Grammys 2018 PERFORMERS: Who is performing at this year's awards?

In addition to the prizegiving, there will also be a wide range of performances – so who will be taking to the stage? Viewers will have a lot to look forward to – so here’s your guide to everyone who’s set to sing this evening. Lady Gaga, Pink and Bruno Mars featuring Cardi B will […]

Performers molested while filming sex scenes prompts directors to call for enforcer on set

Published time: 21 Nov, 2017 09:08 Edited time: 21 Nov, 2017 09:13 Sex scene actors and actresses have filed a series of complaints over being assaulted during filming fake intimate moments for the camera. A harassment ‘dossier’ compiled by directors proposes the presence of an “intimacy director” to prevent harm. Emotional support may be needed, […]