Performer of the Week: Brandon Flynn

THE PERFORMER | Brandon Flynn THE SHOW | 13 Reasons Why THE EPISODE | “Graduation” (June 5, 2020) THE PERFORMANCE | Given that the Netflix teen drama has sustained itself by consistently blindsiding its audience with devastating twists and turns, it’s no surprise that 13 Reasons Why saved one of its greatest tragedies — and most powerful performances […]

Performer of the Week: Eliza Taylor

RELATED STORIES THE PERFORMER | Eliza Taylor THE SHOW | The 100 THE EPISODE | “From the Ashes” (May 20, 2020) We expected big things from The 100‘s final season premiere, and The CW’s long-running sci-fi drama did not disappoint, delivering big twists, big action and a big performance from series star Taylor. Like a quiet storm, […]

Performer of the Week: Ben Mendelsohn

RELATED STORIES THE PERFORMER | Ben Mendelsohn THE SHOW | The Outsider THE EPISODE | “Fish in a Barrel” (Jan. 12, 2020) THE PERFORMANCE | There were plenty of reasons to keep our eyes glued to The Outsider’s series premiere: The unsolved mysteries! Jason Bateman’s excellent direction! That creepy guy in the hoodie! But it was […]

Performer of the Week: Edi Patterson

RELATED STORIES THE PERFORMER | Edi Patterson THE SHOW | The Righteous Gemstones THE EPISODE | “Better is the End of a Thing Than Its Beginning” (Oct. 13, 2019) THE PERFORMANCE | Patterson arrived on our radar three years ago via her brilliantly wackadoodle role as Danny McBride’s unhinged girlfriend/stalker on HBO’s Vice Principals. Turns […]

The Performer of the Week: The Spy’s Sacha Baron Cohen

RELATED STORIES THE PERFORMER | Sacha Baron Cohen THE SHOW | The Spy THE EPISODE | “Home” (Sept. 6, 2019) THE PERFORMANCE | Portraying real-life Mossad spy Eli Cohen in Netflix’s riveting six-episode thriller afforded funnyman Cohen the rare opportunity to flex his dramatic acting chops. And the artist formerly known as Borat more than […]