‘Women have paid in and pensions have been STOLEN’ Chris Kamara outrage at WASPI scandal

Football commentator Chris Karma joined Jeremy Vine in the studio this morning to discuss his Christmas album, but it was his outrage for the WASPI scandal that got the biggest reaction as he claimed women have had their pensions “taken away from them”. Viewers called Kamara a great advocate for women after he expressed his […]

Jair Bolsonaro must tackle Brazil’s soaring pensions spending

“WE CAN’T SAVE Brazil by killing old people,” says Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil’s next president. He is referring to the country’s main public-policy problem: a bill for pensions that eats up more than half of the federal budget and is growing at a rate four percentage points above inflation. He is not the only person in […]

American public pensions suffer from a gaping hole

SCHOOLS in Pennsylvania ought to be celebrating. The state gave them a $ 125m budget increase for 2017-18—enough for plenty of extra books and equipment. But John Callahan of the Pennsylvania School Boards Association says all the increase and more will be eaten up by pension costs, which will rise by $ 164m this year. […]

BHS is back! British Home Stores returns to UK after pensions scandal that rocked Britain

BHS, which was at the heart of a pensions scandal in 2016, is back. British Home Stores, which went into liquidation just before Christmas in 2016, has launched online in the UK. A representative for the store told Express.co.uk: “We are online only in the UK, but still have our franchise stores overseas.  “At present […]

Roads & pensions swept up in Puerto Rico’s $123bn bankruptcy

Published time: 22 May, 2017 20:05 Edited time: 22 May, 2017 20:11 Puerto Rico’s bankruptcy process has spread to the territory’s pension system and highway authority, bringing the amount involved to over $ 120 billion and far exceeding the previous municipal bankruptcy record. The Employees Retirement System (ERS) and the Highways and Transportation Authority (HTA) […]

Why Would Congress Bail Out Miners’ Pensions?

For decades, being a coal miner has come with a deal: Work in dangerous, unpleasant conditions for years, and in exchange, get lifelong health-care benefits and a decent pension. Now, though, part of that deal is jeopardy, as the funds that provide those benefits have dwindled. When Congress returns next week, legislators will be under […]