Batman news: Joaquin Phoenix SPEAKS on Joker origins film ‘I see it like any other movie’

The Crown Prince of Crime has come in various incarnations of the big screen. From Jack Nicholson’s gangster to Heath Ledger’s psychotic terrorist, the Joker is one of cinema’s most iconic comic book villains. But while Jared Leto’s take ended up only really cameoing in Suicide Squad, it now looks like another actor is about […]

Mary Magdalene: Why has she been so maligned? New film goes back to origins

NC Known as a prostitute throughout history, what is the true story of Mary Magdalene? Yet where her namesake is held up as the ideal of virginal perfection as the mother of Christ, Mary Magdalene has become known as a prostitute, a lust object and even as the hidden wife of Jesus. But now a […]

‘Stargate: Origins’ debut brings the 1994 flick along for free

As promised, MGM’s Stargate Command service has launched the first three episodes of Stargate: Origins exclusively for its streaming customers. The service is making a pitch similar to, but not exactly like the one attempted by CBS’ controversial All Access setup with Star Trek: Discovery, charging a one-time $ 20 fee for access to “the […]

‘Channel Zero’ Creator Nick Antosca on the Creepypasta Origins of ‘Butcher’s Block’

Channel Zero, the Syfy horror anthology series inspired by Creeypasta stories and created by Nick Antosca, returns for its third disturbing season this week. Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block focuses on a pair of sisters who move to a new town and quickly discover a series of strange, supernatural staircases that appear in the town park. As if […]

The very American origins of MS-13

President Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech was peppered with references to the notorious MS-13 international criminal gang. But his address made no mention of its US origins. Also known as Mara Salvatrucha, MS-13 has more than 6,000 members, according to the FBI. Its violent reach reportedly extends across Central America and Mexico; to […]

The story of humans’ origins got a revision in 2017

Themba Hadebe/AP Scientists often presumed Homo sapiens emerged relatively quickly around a given time. Discoveries reported in 2017 point to an earlier evolutionary phase.   Human origins are notoriously tough to pin down. Fossil and genetic studies in 2017 suggested a reason why: No clear starting time or location ever existed for our species. The […]

TV Trailer Round-Up: ‘Grace and Frankie’, ‘2 Dope Queens’, ‘The Path’ ‘Stargate: Origins’ and More

We cover a lot of stuff here at /Film, but sometimes a trailer slips through the cracks. And that’s where a good old fashioned trailer round-up comes in handy! This is a very special trailer round-up because it’s devoted solely to TV trailers. We love you, TV! You don’t judge us like others do! Below, […]

Star Wars 9: The Last Jedi's Rian Johnson teases Snoke origins reveal for Episode IX

WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD For some Star Wars fans, The Last Jedi was a big disappointment, especially after Snoke’s sudden death. The villain was only briefly introduced in The Force Awakens, with no knowledge of his origins or identity. Now he’s dead, having been cut in half by Kylo Ren.  However director and writer Johnson has […]