BBC News: Sally Nugent hits out at Dan Walker after he INTERRUPTS interview

It came as BBC Breakfast sports presenter Sally interviewed Nick Rust, the Chief Executive of the British Horseracing Authority about the equine flu debacle. As Nick was interviewed via live video link, the interview was interrupted by the sound of a sneeze off screen. Although it was unclear who was responsible for the action, it […]

BBC News: Sally Nugent stunned by Dan Walker’s awkward knowledge challenge live on air

The 47-year-old television reporter was sharing a story with football fans when her knowledge of the topic was called into question by her BBC Breakfast co-host Dan Walker. Discussing the latest news, Sally seemed thrown when Dan, 41, queried whether her assumption of a world first in football was correct. Sally began: “Now being president […]

BBC Breakfast: 'Why didn't you tell us?’ Dan Walker stunned after Sally Nugent admission

Today’s edition of BBC Breakfast saw Sally deliver some mind-blowing news to Dan and Louise, as they discussed the best sport-related song. While many different songs were mentioned, Sally mentioned Chariots of Fire – after the 1981 film. But Sally went on to reveal her strange connection with the sport-themed drama. Louise announced: “Sally, you […]

BBC News: 'Anytime you want to go' Dan Walker makes sarcastic swipe at Sally Nugent

Today’s BBC Breakfast was hosted by Dan, 41, and Louise Minchin, 49, who were joined by Sally, 47, who was in the studio to deliver the sports news. As she discussed a clip from the Test Match Special, which was previously played on the show, Dan joked Sally should swap TV for radio. Dan began: “I know we all work […]

BBC Breakfast: Sally Nugent forced to apologise over awkward Judy Murray introduction

But as she began her interview with Judy, the BBC Breakfast reporter found herself apologising over her introduction. Starting her report, Sally said: “We’re in Wimbledon this morning where of course if you’ve seen our headlines you’ll see that we’re leading our story with Andy Murray will not be playing any part in this Wimbledon. […]

BBC Breakfast: Sally Nugent and John Kay slammed by viewers for Andy Burnham interview

This morning’s BBC Breakfast show was hosted by John Kay and sports presenter Sally Nugent, and the pair were joined in the studio by former Shadow Home Secretary Andy Burnham.  Speaking out about the current issues commuters are facing with Northern and Thameslinks trains, the Greater Manchester mayor explained that the situation was “certainly not” getting any better.  During the interview, John […]

Ted Nugent said the Parkland teens attacking the NRA are ‘mushy brained children’ who have ‘no soul’

Randy Snyder/Getty Images Conservative musician and NRA supporter Ted Nugent called the Florida shooting survivors “mushy brained children” who have “no soul” due to their gun-control advocacy. Some of the Parkland students demanded an apology on Saturday. The comments come amid backlash against another prominent conservative, Laura Ingraham, whose Fox News show saw an exodus […]