The first ‘Overwatch’ Nerf blaster arrives in 2019

So far, replicating the distinctive weapons of Overwatch has usually meant a whole lot of crafting, and you still aren’t likely end up with something that works. Hasbro, thankfully, is about to make your life much easier — it’s partnering with Blizzard on official Overwatch Nerf guns. The first of the bunch, the lengthily-named Nerf […]

Fortnite patch notes: Epic Games provide update on Shotgun nerf

Epic Games have outlined some of the big changes they’re making to the game this week. Having released a new Fortnite update this week, the development team have gone further into their goals for the game as a whole. This has been provided in some fresh Fortnite Patch Notes, which have been shared on various […]

Overwatch Halloween 2017 update to include terrifying PTR Mercy nerf?

Today saw a new Overwatch PTR patch release, putting a new version of the game into testing. PC players who have signed up to the test servers now have access to the build and it doesn’t look so good for Mercy players. Having made major changes to the healer earlier this year, further changes are […]

150 Third Party NERF Darts For $7 Will Turn You Into the Office Arms Dealer

150 Darts, $ 7 with code DNE35H8I After everyone else in your office has stopped the impromptu NERF gun fighting and gone back to filing expense reports and making sales calls, you alone will be able to continue running around shooting everyone, because you bough 150 extra darts for $ 7. I recommend wrapping your […]

ARK Survival Evolved update: Flyer Nerf v2 patch coming before PS4 and Xbox One release

The latest ARK Survival Evolved update has brought in a lot of changes to the game, but the biggest for many fans has been what has happened to flyers. Studio Wildcard confirmed last year that they plan to slowly bring down the strength of tamed dinos and this latest change to aerial combat looks to […]

VOTD: ‘Nerf John Wick’ Lets the Foam Bullets Fly in the Most Badass Way

Gunplay was taken to an exciting new level with both John Wick and this year’s outstanding sequel John Wick: Chapter 2. Not only is the choreography of the gunfights between Keanu Reeves and his enemies awesome, but the way they’re shot is like a masterful dance through a battlefield of bullets. Some fans attempted to […]

Overwatch patch notes reveal who is getting a MAJOR PTR nerf next.. and it isn’t Bastion

New Overwatch patch notes from the PTR servers show that Blizzard are working on some pretty significant character changes. And while Bastion may have come in for the biggest overhaul of late, it appears that it will be be the sneaky healing sniper that is going to see the biggest nerf. Ana sees her Biotic […]

Overwatch news: Orisa new hero reveal, Doomfist link explained, Bastion PTR nerf incoming

The new Overwatch hero was officially revealed by Blizzard this week, confirming Orisa was the next tank joining the battlefield.  “Specially outfitted for maximum fortification, Orisa is a four-legged robot designed by a brilliant 11-year-old engineer named Efi Oladele to keep the peace in Numbani,” Blizzard revealed today. “Built from the scraps of the city’s decommissioned […]