Bridgerton sex scene: Fans blushing at last 10 minutes of episode 6 ‘don’t watch with mum’

Daphne Bridgerton (played by Phoebe Dynevor) and Simon Hastings’ (Rege-Jean Page) intimate moments have left some Netflix viewers rather red-faced after they caught up with the series with their parents. While the beloved couple didn’t get off to the best of starts as they both believed the other detested them, once they announced their love […]

Robin Le Mesurier: ‘Mum and dad had affairs but they did love each other’

STEPHANE DE BOURGIES/REX Robin Le Mesurier admits his parents had affairs but insists they did love each other However, when the breakthrough came it was not exactly what he had in mind. Robin found himself making his debut on Top Of The Pops clad in a furry costume after being recruited to be a Womble.  […]

Leonardo DiCaprio pays tribute to ‘best acting mum’ after death of Darlene Cates

The Oscar-winning actor paid tribute to Cates after playing her son in the 1993 film What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. She died in her sleep at her home in Forney, Texas, on Sunday, her family confirmed. In a post on Facebook, Mr DiCaprio said: “Darlene was the best acting mum I ever had the privilege of […]