The Moorside: Viewers ‘feel sorry’ for Karen Matthews as drama exposes secret SHOCK past

In 2009, Karen was jailed for eight years for the fake abduction of her daughter Shannon, who had been hidden and drugged in the flat of her boyfriend’s uncle, Michael Donovan.  While tonight’s conclusion of the controversial two-part drama suggested that Karen couldn’t have instigated the traumatic events, BBC viewers began to “feel sorry” for […]

The Moorside viewers praise ‘wonderful’ Sheridan Smith but mock her ‘distracting’ accent

The real-life BBC One series debuted last night and received a lot of acclaim from fans. It follows the story of Karen Matthews who claims her nine-year-old daughter Shannon Matthews has gone missing but is later found drugged and hidden underneath a bed. After pleading on TV for the safe return of her child and […]

You won’t BELIEVE what Game of Thrones star plays Karen Matthews in The Moorside

Gemma Whelan completely transformed herself to play the role of the despised mother Karen Matthews who falsely reported her daughter Shannon Matthews missing. After pleading on TV for the safe return of her child and 24 days of endless searching, it was later revealed that the mother had orchestrated the plot to bag herself the […]

The Moorside: Shocking true story of the Shannon Matthews kidnapping

The new two-part BBC drama, which airs tonight, explores the Shannon Matthews hoax through the eyes of the community that helped search for her. Writer Neil McKay explains: “This drama takes us into the heart of a story and a community that was defined more by prejudice than genuine understanding.” Sheridan Smith, who plays the Matthews’ […]