Beverley Callard’s special vegan meals finally unveiled after I’m A Celebrity backlash

However, her campmates were seen standing around waiting for their pheasant to cook as they’d opted to boil it. Explaining why Beverley got to eat early, AJ Pritchard remarked: ”Because Bev’s a vegetarian, her food was cooked early.” The actress was happy to rub it in that she didn’t have to wait for her food. […]

Weight loss: How REVERSE fasting is the diet for shedding pounds – without skipping meals

Weight loss diet dubbed “reverse fasting” could be the best way to lose pounds. Fasting is often met with trepidation as it can sometimes mean restricting meals, resulting in extreme hunger pangs. However, reverse fasting does not include skipping either breakfast or dinner. It instead changes the way and time of day that food is […]

15 Flavorful and Healthy Family Meals That are Perfect for Picky Eaters

I think you’ll agree with me when I say that finding one meal that everyone in the family likes is a challenge! But as busy parents we also don’t want to have to make separate meals for the kids either. The good news is there are some amazing healthy family meals out there that are: […]

17 Power Pressure Cooker Recipes for Rushed Weeknight Meals

Weeknights are wild. There are hobby meetings, sports events, date nights, late-night work calls, kids’ bath time, TV show premiers (of course), and there’s also… dinner?Trying to cram in making a recipe, eating dinner (let alone enjoying the meal) and cleaning the kitchen in under an hour always seemed like it would take some sort […]

These are the most unhealthy meals in America, ranked

Center for Science in the Public Interest The “Xtreme Eating” list from the Center for Science in the Public Interest ranks the most unhealthy meals in America. Some of the meals on the list for 2018 contain almost four days’ worth of the recommended fat content.  Among the nation’s most unhealthy dishes is a 1.5-pound pretzel […]

The Tasty Joys of Midnight Meals in Taiwan

It’s a godless hour and dripping wet in Keelung, a port city off the northern coast of Taiwan. But the narrow alleys are still jammed with people, elbow to elbow, jostling at the closet-size night market stalls to place their orders. Competing for their attention: steaming beef noodle soup, sizzling oyster pancakes, honey-sweet pearl milk […]

Gregg Wallace weight loss: Eat Well for Less star lost three stone adding THIS to meals

Gregg Wallace, 53, is best known for his television presenter roles on Masterchef, Saturday Kitchen and, most recently, BBC One’s Eat Well For Less. While his career is built around food, the TV star has managed to achieve an impressive weight loss. Gregg once described himself in 2011 as “just the fat, bald bloke on MasterChef who […]

Kate Middleton: Royal parenting rule means Prince George can't finish meals if THIS occurs

Kate Middleton, 36, and Prince William, 35, are said to have special parenting rules for their two children, Prince George, 4, and Princess Charlotte, 2, which are linked to royal protocol. Prince George and Princess Charlotte are encouraged to follow the same royal dining rules as the rest of the royal family, according to […]